I'm trying to understand why this thread got closed

I am assuming you are referring to the sea lion cartoon when you say you almost issued a warning.
Does everyone get away without a warning for a clear violation or only the ones with “clean records”? If that’s the case then how does anyone with a clean record ever accrue a warning? Because it really seems like the prosecutorial grace is given out along partisan lines.

I didn’t “bump” this thread, sometimes I take months to come back here.
I responded a month after the most recent post because I don’t live on this board anymore because the political discussion here has largely become an echo chamber for the radical left who think that mainstream democrats are borderline fascists or at least quislings.

How is this a bump but there were like 4 months between the 2nd post in March and the 3rd post in July not a bump?

How is a responding to a people who keep insisting they have a point but refuse to make it a “zero value post” pointing out that sort of bullshit is very valuable.

Here, I am calling out a poster that alleges that I am ignoring something but when asked for evidence, implies that I am pestering them… on the thread that I started.

Meanwhile when I report posts for attempted derailing with discussions about transgenderism and the virginia governor’s election, I am told to feel free not to respond to it.

The moderation here used to make this one of the smarter places on the internet and now it’s like a step and a half above the yahoo boards. This place is really going to shit.

People get Notes rather than warnings all the time. But - notes add up too.

If by “partisan lines” you mean “troublesome posters vs not troublesome posters”, yeah. And?

That you have a reason, poor as it is, doesn’t make it not a bump.

That was a bump. By you. Not exactly helping your own case by pointing out it’s a habit of yours. Because that’s exactly what you’re now being told not to do.

It was a pretty clear violation.

By partisan I mean left vs right, clearly. Unless you think ideology is what makes a poster troublesome.

I thought a bump is generally non-substantive made solely for the purpose of moving a conversation to the top. A substantive post is not what I would consider a bump (regardless of your opinion of how valuable the post is).

Yes and noone was bothered by that.
They were only bothered when I called out baseless accusation of not answering questions by posters that don’t answer questions.

So what made that particular thread a dumpster fire? That thread was mostly just linking news items until a bunch of jackholes came by to shit on the thread. Are you really going to give these sort of people a veto on which threads get to stay open?

The mods have denied this for years, IIRC. Has something changed?

People get Notes for clear violations all the time.

Troublesome leftists also get warned, and I’m sure there are RW posters who’ve never been modded.

No, I think personality is.

No, it’s anything that does that, if the thread is old enough.

There was nothing substantive about your post, it was just you hassling GIGO about - let’s just highlight this again - a month-old post.

You have no idea what people were or weren’t bothered by. All you know is that it didn’t lead to moderation … that time.

Personally, I think it was the OP only returning to it whenever it suited them to throw fresh fuel on coals that had long since died down to embers. But that’s just IMO.

What I recall them saying is that Notes aren’t a permanent record like Warnings are, that’s all.

Have they denied that they take any past non-Warning moderation into account? How would that stack up with the “I’ve already Noted you in this thread, now it’s a Warning” moderation they clearly do?

I do know with the move to Discourse, they have more tools to note troublesome posts and posters to other mods even if they haven’t been warned.

That’s my memory, but I’m sure a mod will be in shortly.

I think you (@damuriajashi) are right about that, as per the SDMB rules:

However, some people seem to also call it a “bump” when a thread is revived for any reason after lying dormant for awhile.

Most of the people I can think of who have been banned in recent memory, if they expressed a political opinion, were left-leaning.

Now, the majority of the board itself is left-leaning, so that would make sense. I am certainly not suggesting a moderation bias against people on the left.

The thread’s closing is consistent with guidelines What_Exit previously gave to you.


You are asking the same set of folks who make the judgements to see the judgements in a different way?

And that’s exactly what the mod decided you had done. Your post had negligible substance.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it possible to set your preferences to have the SDMB notify you via email when your post has been replied to, so you don’t have to “live on this board anymore”?

Yup. Profile>>Preferences>>Emails

Don’t forget to save changes.

Unless there is some rule saying that Gigo gets to say the last word unanswered, that is not hassling. that is asking him to identify the alleged posts that he thinks I am avoiding.

You have any evidence for that or are you just theorizing?

Your opinions are pretty bad…

Wait so there is a double secret probation function on straight dope now? ROFLMAO

I think a lot of the right leaning people were banned or left a long time ago. The politics part of this site is the far left arguing with the extreme left for the most part. There is no real discourse in that arena.

I don’t mean to come back and just point out this glaring issue but every time I come back the issue has only gotten worse. Well all good things must come to an end I suppose.

Here’s the problem with that. it gives a few people the ability to veto discussions and threads.

When you have a topic where the folks on the left are the assholes (like anti-asian discrimination in high school and college admissions), folks on the radical left thread shit and get the thread closed down by making the thread “problematic”

They tried to derail that thread several times. In a thread about high school admissions, transgender issues and the governor’s election in virginia were raised a few times in what appeared to be an attempt to derail the thread. When I reported it, I was told to feel free to not respond to the off topic posts.

If I go into a thread and bring up antii-asian bias in college admissions where the discussion of this bias is relevant, I am immediately moderated and told not to talk about it.

That is uneven moderation.

Thanks for this.

I have had my setting on this for a while but I get notified inconsistently and unreliably.

" Email me when I am quoted, replied to, my @username is mentioned, or when there is new activity in my watched categories, tags or topics

only when away"

I think a lot of the right-leaning people got it into their heads, from watching their leaders, that rules were for rubes, but that might not have been the best policy to follow on this particular message board.