I'm winning the football pool, but...

I’m getting semi-bad vibes from everyone else.

I’m in a football pool with 13 other guys. The rules are painfully simple: pay $20 up front (that’s $1 per week for the 17 weeks and the balance goes in a pot for the person with the best overall record (minus their worst week)). You just pick the winners and losers (in the event of a tie, you also guess the total of Monday night’s game - closest to that wins (whether over or under).

I did it not because of my expertise in football (I have none), but for something to do. Since I know zip about football, I decided to use the Vegas.com picks (except for a disastrous first week when I used ESPN’s power rankings).

In the past 13 weeks, I have won 4 weeks (this week I am 13-2 since the Monday night game hasn’t happened yet). On total standings, I am 138-53. This puts me 7 games ahead of the 2nd place person.

My method of choosing the winners is not a secret from the others, so I don’t feel like I’m cheating in any way. They’ll pour overs stats and reports and so forth (a couple of guys pick their favorite team to win regardless of the opponent).

When I went into this, I figured if I won two weeks, I’d get my $20 back and make a $6 profit. So far, I’ve won $52.

I’m bumping this to report I won this week. That makes 5 times.

I talked with the guy who’s running the pool and he says there’s no animosity amongst the other players. In fact, the thing to do now is to try and second guess Vegas.

Because I’m a nice guy and all and the last 2 weeks are usually the most difficult to choose, I might just pick the 17th week using a coin toss.

I figure, what the heck?

Not sure I know if there’s a question in there or not, but from my experience there’s very little room for apology in football gambling. If you have a method that’s winning for you, stick to it. It’s not like you’re using insider info that no one else has, and even if you were that’s all part of the bargain.
My advice? Stick with it and take the whole fucking pot if you can. If you want to smooth any hurt feeling, buy them beer with their own money…bwhahaha. Long live Teddy KGB.

I’m probably blowing this all out of proportion (who? me? nah…).

A small part of me finds the situation hilarious, though.