IMDB-Why do I bother?

Every few months I get the desire to say something on the IMDB message boards and it always bites me in the ass. Not only is that place horribly moderated and half the people have the intelligence of a retarded sheep fetus but it seems like none of them understand how to use a basic message board system.

I constantly get emails in my inbox with responses from IMDB that almost never end up actually being replies to what I said. How hard is it to figure out which reply button to hit?

I don’t know why I expect it to ever be different when it is populated by people who’s response to an intelligent argument is “Thats gay!1”

Jesus Christo…

Hey, you’re lucky, then. At least your example response was spelled correctly. More or less.

Hey, Seymour, just what are you tryin’ to say? I am NOT related to Hal Briston in any way, thankyouverymuch! :mad:

:smiley: Good one. haha

I couldn’t actually bring myself to spell/type it worse. I would have felt dirty.

That movie was teh suxxor! I’m never seeing that again! 1/2 star!

d00d! R U 4 reel???/

Taht movie whuz the f-in shiz0-nizzle, yo@! Will Smith is liek teh best acotrr of the times, and wit martin lawerce, it makes a prefect combo!!!111

Action and comedty in oine aweosme movie!

UR a fuckkkin morno if you don’t like this movie. fiftreen million stars!@!! PLus two!@

4got to add:


I am shocked and appalled by what you wrote.
You mean to say the IMDB boards are actually moderated? I cannot believe it. I do not even bother to read the message boards, never mind post to it.
I do rarely add comments to a movie and I vote frequently.

Are you sure they are moderated?

You forgot one:


I heartily agree. I was going to hop over and provide some sample posts but then I saw this and couldn’t because I was laughing so hard.

Yeah – What a mess that is.

Ideally, you’d like to see real discussion and criticism of each movie listed there. Discussion of each actor/actress. It’s perfectly set up for it but it’s just overrun by the kids.


The way I describe Myspace applies here, too- too many tools available to too many tools.

The discussions are usually pretty good for classics, like Hitchcock movies and the like. At least, not as bad. I’ve found some great discussions on movies there.