Impeach Bush!

Can you still hear the faint echoes in the air, Republicans squeeling in porcine rage? “He lied to the American people!” Oh, the horror, the dismay! Eyes wide with shock, they seized the public by the lapels and hollered until the veins stuck out in thier neck. “He lied…LIED!!! the American people!” Bill Bennett, our nations number one scold, put out an entire book: Where is the Outrage, he moaned, pissing himself massively.

With heavy hearts they grimly set in motion the only remedy possible for this unbearable state of affairs. Stern duty demanded that they think the unthinkable: impeachment. Though they shrank in horror from the very word, yet, as men of conscience, men of honor, they could do no less, lest the noble office of President sink into the mire.

“He lied to the American people!”

And now these palladins of truth, defenders of candor and veracity, will go forth to stand firm in thier duty. Setting all partisan politics aside, they gird themselves to do what must be done, however painful, however distasteful.

They will pretend it never happened.

But I won’t. I say that GeeDubya Bush has wiped his butt with his Oath of Office. Our troops are sworn, on thier honor, to protect us. Our Commander in Chief is sworn, on his honor, to hold thier lives sacred, to proceed to war only when our nation is in peril, or the common decency of humanity demands.

Lie after lie after lie, buttressed with the occasional half-truth. I will not bore the reader with the litany, any Doper more alert than comatose knows full well of what I speak.

Support our troops! Bring them home walking, and get them a new Boss!

elucidator: You clearly fail to understand the important moral distinction between lying about little things like policy and facts related to policy vs. lying about big things like one’s sex life! :wink:

You are sooo not normal.
But hey, if GW lied under oath, I’d be with you. Impeach him. I’ll leave the blind loyalty to the FoB.

Hey, Brutus, correct me if I’m wrong, but doen’t presenting false evidence to the U.N. (and consequently to the American people and the rest of the world) regarding Iraq’s newkewlur capabilities constitute lying under oath, i.e. the one he took when he was inaugurated?

Had his fingers crossed?

One of the official duties of the President, during the pursuit of which he is bound by his Oath of Office (by which he swears to “faithfully execute” the office), is to address the Congress yearly regarding the state of the Union:


Hey, prove to me he knowingly presented false evidence, and you have me on your team. I’ll even forget that he didn’t present the evidence, some diplomat did. Captain is responsible for his ship, and all that.

But proof does not lay with some NYT editorial. Show me that GW intended to decieve the world with his nefarious mustachio-twisting deeds, and I’ll take down Christmas card I got from him. (Hand signed, I bet! ;))

I say you are a boring OTP who just likes to hear yourself talk.

Perhaps so, Rhum, perhaps so. But no ones life depends on my words, be they brilliant or banal. No ones children will die as a result of my failure to execute my sworn duty.

And I commend Brutus as first to rush in with the transparent defense, as flimsy and translucent as any negligee gracing the pages of a Victoria’s Secret catalog. He didn’t know these things were lies? Did anyone? Before he addressed the nation in his State of the Union Address, in peformance of his sworn duty, did he go to any trouble to ensure that he was speaking the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth or God Help Us?

This last revelation is beyond the event horizon, over the rainbow, out of the ballpark. Inspector Clouseu, the Freedom Detective, could have discerned this bit of morbid mendacity for what it was.

If he is not a bald faced liar then he is an utter incompetent, ready to accept any piece of crapola that crosses his desk if it bolsters his preconceptions.

Regime change, says I. Sooner the better.

What’s an OTP?

elucidator, You lost me the first 50 times you harped on this. The only thing I can credit it to, is that you must be from Canada. Because your hyperbole and over acting ranks right up there with the best of em like Carrey Shatner.
If you are trying to debate these issues like this, then I must say you are failing miserably with your rants. I have lost all respect for your credibility on this specific issue, as well as other posters, because of your, and their, obvious bias, and dare I say hatred of those that disagree with you. As a matter of fact, I take very little of what you assert as truth without rechecking and double-checking your information because I believe you have an agenda and would be willing to … ummm stretch the truth to fit it in your box.

And don’t deny it, cus I did say it was obvious. :wink:

One Trick Pony.

Saen, do the believe this forgery was an excusable mistake, or simply not worth impeachment, or what? Your ad hominem attacks neither address any arguments nor show your own.

IMO, Bush’s obvious legal out will be that it was a mistake, he was fooled, and hence wasn’t lying. It may even be true, but I’m not sure you can impeach because of incompetence.

Also IMO this was inexusable, be it fraud or mistake. When lives are at stake, this shit simply cannot happen. I hope at the very least this hammers Bush at re-election time, but I have my doubts it will.

Please do check my facts, Saen. I will not be offended, check and double-check my facts. I will wait for you right here, and you can point out to me my glaring errors in fact.

When that happens, avail yourself of a good umbrella, lest the pig flop from the sky muss your hair.

Speaking of bald-faced lies:

“I pray for peace. I pray for peace every day”. – GWB, at his recent “press conference”.

Will you hurry up and do it, please, coz there ain’t much us furriners can do about him.

Yes. And, while I admit my post was an ad hominem attack, it did address elucidator’s insinuations about Bush. To me, they hold zero credibility because of the reasons I posted. Based upon his editorial you yourself find doubt in his assertion that Bush was lying just like Clinton, and therefore mut be impeached for the american people to be consistant.

I find it inexcusable also. I think that the government should be more responsible than that. However, since the war and lives do not depend specifically on these forgeries, then an incompetent mistake is exactly what it is. And people will find a million reasons to hammer Bush at re-election. I consider this would be one of them.


The “facts” you posted do not lead to the assumption that he broke a law and is not fit to be President. I read your “facts” (OP) twice and I do not see where it is presented that “He lied…LIED!!! the American people!”. The only thing I see is your bias and desire for others to share that pov.

That’s okay, you just keep leaning on Blair.

Here is the oath taken by each officer in the armed forces:

Here is the oath taken by the President:

Neither oath says what elucidator claims.

I am a staunch Democrat, I did not vote for President Bush, and I will vote against him in the next election too. I question the need for war, and I would rather see another president leading the nation. But elucidator, you are just making stuff up. If we oppose the president and the war, let’s do it with credible, responsible argument, not this unpersuasive hyperbole.

So Saen, did you have any bias when the rest of the world was laughing at us for caring about blow jobs?