Impeach Clarence Thomas

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So, explain to me how Clinton gets impeached for a blowjob (oh yeah…lying to Congress about a blowjob) yet Thomas can engage in five years of falsifying information to the government and that passes?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

The House of Representatives would have to draw up the articles of impeachment, and I really don’t see them doing that.

I’m no fan of Thomas, but that link is poorly written with nothing to support it’s accusations. A shred of evidence for the charges would be helpful in convincing me to sign it.

Yeah, Thomas is probably my least favorite Justice, but where’s the beef here? All I see are unsubstantiated allegations from some news source I never heard of.

Clinton is a Democrat, Thomas is a Republican; simple as that. Bush II wasn’t impeached either despite doing far worse things than either - because he’s a Republican.

Not to digress too much, but are there any cases of online petitions like this actually accomplishing anything?

If there is evidence I would like to see it, but it looks just looney lefty website.

Far worse?

Like what?

What high crime and/or misdemeanor did Bush commit?

(Note: being a lousy president and an asshole is neither of those.)


Whack - I suggest you do a little internet research and actually outline the challenges instead linking to an impeach Thomas website that is poorly written and misses several *additional *aspects. And why drag Clinton into it? No need to compare and let others pick nits when you could just make a clear case that Thomas at a minimum has the appearance of impropriety?

FWIW, I spent at least 20 minutes researching related links and information in this thread.

Repeatedly lying to Congress is a felony - and he lied about far more important things than sex. And war crimes.

I like the way you put “repeatedly” in there like that mattered, and somehow added credibility to a demonstrably false statement.

I dragged Clinton into it because if Congress has seen fit to impeach a sitting president (which I deem a step up from SCOTUS justice) for lying to congress about a blowjob after they spent years investigating him with a microscope and that was the best they could manage then impeaching a justice for clear violations of federal law over years should be a no brainer.

I have not read the SDMB thread you linked to and am not sure what I should be looking for there. Can you be more specific?

Ah. So stocks of WMDs, those mobile WMD labs and fleets of drones were all found when I wasn’t looking?

I was under the impression that lying to Congress under oath (and with other factors, such as the materiality of the lies) was a felony. I wasn’t aware that simply lying to Congress was a felony, though I stand willing to be corrected.

There’s another alternative for why your statement was factually incorrect, and that has nothing to do with the veracity of information Bush provided to Congress.

Why doesn’t “repeatedly” matter?

I suspect in the lofty atmosphere of the presidency there are a many little lies that get told. I am not sure anyone really wants to adhere to an absolute letter of the law that any lie, whatsoever and no matter how small, is sufficient to oust a sitting president.

Most people understand that occasionally people lie but when that person becomes rampant in their lies, as Bush did, with such dire consequences as Bush’s lies had, then it is appropriate to take notice.

The Republicans set the bar with Clinton on what is apparently ok to impeach on. They spent years investigating Whitewater and other issues. Best their investigator came up with? Clinton lied about a blowjob.

Fine. Standard set.

Tell me how Thomas’ actions are lesser and do not merit the same treatment. Conyers offered a 539 page indictment of Bush’s impeachable offenses.

It’s still not a “felony”, as was claimed.

Eh. Impeachment just doesn’t happen very often. Do you see Rangel being impeached?

Wrong. Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice during a sworn deposition in the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit.

Also got cited for contempt, fined $90,000.00, and got his license to practice law suspended for 5 years. Had he not been a sitting POTUS, he may have been prosecuted and sent to prison if convicted.

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