Impeach Clarence Thomas

Unlike Bush, there’s no evidence that Thomas deliberately lied about anything. Your own cite says he misunderstood the forms.

And, let’s remember, was never convicted of perjury, and IMHO would not have been convicted by a court of law for perjury.

There’s only one standard for what acts are sufficient to merit impeachment, and that is whatever the House is willing to impeach for.

So if I tell the government I merely “misunderstood” whatever it was I was legally required to do I am off the hook? They’ll slap me on the hand and tell me not to do it again?

He was never prosecuted…but the citation for contempt, hefty fine, and suspended law license aren’t things that happen to innocent people.

And you know as well as I do that perjury is a very specific offense that goes beyond lying under oath. I’ve never disputed that Clinton may well have lied. I’ve disputed his lies constituted perjury.

Let’s try it this way…

I think it is safe to say a SCOTUS justice knows the law. Or they should, if you want to argue otherwise then I think there is a great case to be made that ignorance of the law is an actual defense. If a SCOTUS justice can’t know it why should any of us know it?

A Supreme Court Justice makes $213,900/year.

I am willing to bet that allows them to retain accountants and attorneys and what not to have them make sure they are in comportment with the law.

I would assume (although I admittedly do not know) the government would make known to people in its employ what requirements they must meet. I doubt it is a secret.

What Thomas missed here does not seem some obscure, “Who the hell would have guessed that”, kind of thing.

It is something he should have been entirely aware of and it is hard to imagine him being clueless about it.

If he was, in fact, clueless about it then impeach him for being a moron who has no business in that job.

I’m still curious why so many people don’t know what world they live in and what rules govern it.

Two Presidents in the history of the United States have ever been impeached. Both of them because the politicians in the House of Representatives disliked their politics. Radical Republicans felt Andrew Johnson was being too conciliatory towards the defeated Confederacy. 1990s GOPers basically thought they could commit political character assassination by dragging Clinton through the mud with the impeachment spectacle. In both cases the politicians were pursuing impeachment for purely political reasons. It wasn’t because either man was some horrible human being. Is it likely that both Johnson and Clinton probably broke the plain wording of some law? Probably. However, other Presidents have done much worse than Clinton and Johnson. Warren Harding for example, Andrew Jackson as another example. I could probably name 10 or 15 Presidents who broke laws in a much more clear cut manner than Andrew Johnson or Bill Clinton.

But it doesn’t matter, impeachments are political acts not criminal trials. It doesn’t matter how much evidence you have that a President committed a crime. Unless the House feels it is something they should impeach over, they won’t. “High crimes and misdemeanors” is a term with absolutely no legal weight behind it, it’s a vague phrase that can mean “whatever the House says it means.” They are not bound by any particular rules of action and they don’t follow any particular rules of action.

In short, unless a majority of the politicians in Congress feel it is to their political benefit to impeach the President, they won’t.

Clarence Thomas is never going to be impeached by a Republican House and neither was George W. Bush (in fact he wasn’t impeached by a Democrat controlled House either.) Andrew Johnson was in a sort of partisan limbo during his Presidency, he had been a Democrat up until the Civil War. As the sole Senator from the South who remained loyal to the Union he was seen as valuable in the efforts to reconcile a divided country. He was made Lincoln’s running mate under the “National Union Party” banner during the 1864 elections and that was technically the party that he was a member of when elected to the Vice Presidency. As Lincoln’s Vice President one could say he was thus sort of on the side of the Republican Party (although Lincoln essentially engaged in some re-branding of the party for the 1864 election.) However, Johnson never officially became a Republican, and during his Presidency he specifically avoided re-associating with his previous party and thus was sort of operating as an independent. He rejoined the Democrats after his Presidency.

However, it’s basically correct to say that the House has never impeached a President who shares their political party. Likewise, the House is not going to impeach a Justice of the Supreme Court on the same side of the political spectrum. All the internet research and gotcha exposes aside, that don’t mean shit to the guys who actually do the vote.

Unless you can unearth something as ludicrously blatant, undeniable, and outright criminal as Watergate, you will never see a man like Clarence Thomas being impeached by a Republican House. Probably not a Democrat House, either.

Suggest you do a little homework about donors giving Virginia Thomas $500k to set up a non profit, how IRS guidelines work for non-profit salaries, the “misunderstanding” about some of her signed website views that were claimed to have been posted erroneously by an underling, ad naseum. You could actually build a nice OP if you wanted to put some work into it instead of just posting to a poorly written and researched link. YMMV.

So it’s all hypocritical bullshit yes?

I am not denying anything you said but at least put the bullshit marker where it belongs.

Unless you are ok with this.

It’s stretching things to say Thomas lied to Congress. He didn’t disclose his wife’s financial transactions the way he was supposed to but, as far as I know, he never appeared before Congress on the issue. And nothing Thomas did was more important than a war crime.

Did or did not Clarence Thomas fail to disclose his wife’s income as required by federal law…for 13 years?

Smoke and mirrors my friend.

So lying to Congress is the big no-no?

If Congress asks you what you had for dinner last Sunday and you said “meatloaf” but they could prove you had pork chops then off with your head?

If you lie to the Feds otherwise (not directly in congressional hearings) then the bar is lower?

ummmm, I’m saying there’s more stuff you can call BS on Judge Thomas’ wife if you’d actually look into the issue. I previously started to rewrite and cite your OP but thought if you can’t be bothered then neither can I.

Clinton also lied directly under oath and was a miserable human being. Still should not have been impeached. Not seeing what Thomas has done that warrants impeachment.

You’ve been told a couple of times.
Impeachent is a primarily political action rather than judicial. The House can impeach you for thinking that Tom Brady is better than Doug Flutie (you won’t get convicted, though, that’s a separate issue).

So, the answer is that there isn’t enough political will to do it.
My guess is that (supposing foul play in Thomas’s case) that would open floodgates of nitpicking over tax filings and several people on both sides would be impeached.

See Post #29.

I am not denying there is almost no chance of this Congress bringing impeachment hearings. Thomas could probably be caught on video axe murdering puppies and not be impeached by this congress.

Pointing out the hypocrisy in the system is always worthwhile.

So far no one is really defending Thomas except to say impeachment is a political thing and it won’t happen today.

You are fine with that?

So you had something worthwhile to say and are withholding it because…why?

Whack-a-Mole I assume you would also like Timothy Geithner to be removed from office since he filed out his taxes improperly.

Doesn’t look to me like he did it for 13 years nor do I see an inherent conflict of interests there.

That said he should get busted same as you or me for doing it.

(And can the Sec Treasury be impeached? I do not know)

That’s right! I learned how to be a millionaire and never pay taxes, and it’s works just like that!