Important News ror Paranoids

Your tinfoil hat may make it easier for the gumming to spy on you. Latest research results from MIT are here!

gummint! :smack:

I bet the gummint also added those typos (don’t forget “ror”) in order to make you look bad. :wink:

FOOLS! A properly designed Faraday cage is the only answer! An electronics environmental testing room can also be used.

The master, by the way, speaks, and concluded (6 years ago) that the standard AFDB works as an antenna.
These guys have some issues with the conclusions, but I think they’re part of the WTO, so I don’t trust them. THEY don’t recommend grounding your AFDB. Gotta be CFR puppets…

AARGH! I didn’t switch font sizes/colors, use ENOUGH EXCLAMATION marks or make every word a LINK!!!

Sorry, I’ll try to do better in the future… :frowning:

This really is a great time in history to be paranoid.

Ah! It is comforting to know that the Master is far ahead of MIT.