Impossible dog toy?

The dog brings you his favorite toy, you don’t want to touch it because it’s covered in dog slobber.

Is there a way to make a dog toy that would have a “handle for humans” that the dog would be reluctant to grab hold of (thus keeping it dry)?

I thought tha a plastic might be engineered that tasted nasty to dogs on the “handle” end, but then the dog would probably just forsake the toy entirely.

Could this be a humanely possible toy, or is it just a pipe dream?

There is a spray that tastes nasty to dogs. You could spray the handle only and be careful of overspraying the dog-end.

p.s. - if your shoes have laces that you tie frequently, don’t spray them with that stuff. I sprayed mine once, then tied them, then put my fingers in my mouth for no apparent reason. blech

In all seriousness - how can you own a dog if you’re that squemish? How do you check its teeth, cut the claws, handle it when it’s sick ASF?

Get yourself a Chuck It. Not only does it keep your hands slobber-free, but you can chuck that ball far for a long time without killing your arm.

My dog isn’t that bright. I doubt he’d be able to learn that only one handle of the toy tastes bad. I’d WAG most dogs would get the bad tasting side a few times, then just give up on the whole toy.

Aside from that, do you have like a St. Bernard or something? I have to echo The Gaspode here, getting some pooch slobber on your hands is pretty high on the tolerance scale for most dog owners. Somehow my dog’s hair keeps showing up in (mostly on) the margarine container in the fridge! Even that doesn’t phase me as much as it used to.

Take a nice mouth-sized toy that’s easily bit onto and tie a skinny rope to it. The dog will pick up the toy by the chunky part, and you can grab it and twirl it away by the rope part.

Unless, of course, your dog has a rope fetish. In that case, wear gloves.