Impossible movies you'd like to see.

You get to see a high-quality film of almost ANYTHING. Only restrictions: It can’t be your life or any alternate future of your life in particular. Also can’t view your family or friends’ future ( I put these into cut down on the “wishing for more wishes” answers, since this is just for entertainment). What do you pick?

A faithful representation of Dune. I’d settle for just the first book in the series.

I don’t think that the phrases “my life” and “high quality film” belong in the same thread.

I, Robot using Harlan Ellison’s screenplay and his suggested casting.

Abiogenesis: The True Story

Narrated by Patrick Stewart

Score by Randy Newman

Starring Scott Baio as the original puddle of goo

Gravity’s Rainbow

The good parts of the Wheel of Time

It’s hard for me to think that Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy would be impossible to film. You certainly don’t need CGI characters or anything.

Then Adrian Brody can be the Mule. Ian McKellen can be Hari Seldon.

You mean we can time travel to get these movies made, as long as they’re not about us? I’d like to see a real-life documentary on Jesus, filmed over the course of his life, if he was a real person. The preferable runtime - again, assuming he even existed - would be at least a week.

Can I ask to have the Harry Potter movies 3 and up remade with Richard Harris as Dumbledore? Michael Gambon sucks rocks.

I want them to make a faithful, quality movie of Ringworld, already. WTF is the holdup?

I want to get started making my fantasy casting selections, too.

A movie on the European discovery of porcelain.

Yes, I should have mentioned the time-travel part. I’d like to see a movie of whatever happened to Atlantis. Possibly shot by Michael Bay.

A documentary of the Battle of Agincourt, with actual footage.

Not that it could ever happen** for the obvious reasons, but:

Unintended Consequences, by John Ross.

Ross has already written a screenplay (which I have not read). But if it’s like the book, it will need to be co-authored by someone with a better sense of pacing and of how much detail is needed, or it’ll be too long.
** from a commercial studio.that is. Anything can happen on the net…

Atlas Shrugged. Done right. Which probably means it wouldn’t be a movie, but either a series of them or a high-quality TV miniseries (on cable, most likely). By “done right” I mean true to the source material, with no concessions made for political correctness or casting the wrong people because they lobbied for the part. Preferably with unknowns.

I’d also like to see *Little Fuzzy *made into a movie. With CGI as advanced as it is now, I think it would be quite possible to make believable CGI Fuzzies. And they’d make a mint on the toy rights alone. (ETA: Not sure if this one counts as “impossible,” but you’d think somebody would be talking about it if they were going to do it.)

Rendezvous With Rama.

If we’re time-travelling, documentaries about:
[li] Cortés first meeting Moctezuma, the related aftermath, etc. I’d love to see all the buildings in their prime, a “ball” game, etc.[/li][li] Easter Island: The construction[/li][li] GizaCorp Training Video: “So you want to join our Pyramid Construction Team”[/li][/ul]

I’d like to see films of historic events, like the first performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony or when the Founding Fathers were debating and writing the US Constitution.

A prehistoric version of Discovery Channel’s *Planet Earth *series.


Rudy Rucker’s Spaceland.

Buckaroo Banzai vs. The World Crime League

A faithful adaptation of Sergei Lukyanenko’s Night Watch and Day Watch. The actually movies were OK, but they deviate pretty severely from the books. I’m going through the books now, and they’re great. Gritty action scenes, drama, and romance, and it’s all driven by a kick-ass, intricate plot that could be transferred to film without any trouble at all.

Why the hell couldn’t the story be filmed like this? This shit is amazing. And I don’t even like sci-fi. The only thing I could think of is that the film budgets of Russia’s studios aren’t very high right now. But man, these films would be incredible if done right.

Anything by Piper, but Little Fuzzy would be my first choice!!! Glad to see another fan!

A faithful version of any(well, almost any) of Heinlein’s works. There’s no hope for Starship Troopers or The Pupper Masters, since they were crapped up on film already, but what about The Moon is a Harsh Mistress or Double Star?