Impregnation in Space

Did they ever impregnated human egg in space?
I’m sure they did this kind of stuff on animals.

Well, there have been some experiments involving ant farms and whatnot, and there was no indication reproduction had been affected.

Well, no effect once the ants stopped arguing over who the queen was.

I’m pretty sure they (in-vitro) fertilized fish ova on the shuttle, once. With fish sperm, of course.

Did they have sex in space?
They might have done that ,some of those American astronuts were pretty hot chicks.
Flying on long mission gets boring anyway.

What do you think the robot arm is for, huh?


And I don’t think any female astronaut has been on a long flight (i.e. longer than the 2 weeks [?] possible with the Shuttle).

How about Russians ? They had extremelly long missions in space and some of them with women.
By the way,first woman in space was Russian, Valentina Tereshkova.
Russian women are so hot :stuck_out_tongue: and get along with men more easilly.(if you know what I mean)

Some female astronauts are hot, ergo it’s likely that astronauts have had sex in space? What kind of syllogism is that???

And there has been at least one female astronaut who served a tour of duty (several months) aboard Mir.

It makes it more likely somebody would try, I suppose.

Sex in Space Forbidden, Says Russian Cosmonaut

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Back to America:
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The upshot is that there are all sorts of ethical problems with impregnation in space, and no one has ever had sex in space. :wink:

Shannon Lucid. She was an American record holder, if I recall correctly.

Sure, they say that…who would know? They’re sure as heck not gonna get walked in on. And if it’s known that two astro/cosmonauts have had sex? “You gonna come up here and tell me I can’t? Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah…”


In space, no one can hear you cream.

Very nice.

Joke of the day.

Not exactly easy on the eyes.

Good God !

Even if I flew in space ship with her to Alpha C. ,I would not be able to have sex with her.


Geez, you guys are harsh. Do you realize she’s 61 years old now? And I think that’s a fairly recent photo. She was 53 when she flew on Mir.