Impressive Famous Dopers

Well, now thats twice I have read a thread and been impressed by the kind of crowd fellow dopers keep.

Eve and Eden, they even have similar names.

They didn’t simply have stories of celebrity brushes, but stories were they paled around with extremely cool famous people. They were also immortalized by these artists. Eve in Polyester (Isn’t that the smellovision Flick?) and Eden in a Slug original.

I guess Eden wins, though. I mean Slug had a crush on her. I have my doubts that John Waters spent his nights dreaming of Eve. (No offense to Eve, I just figure had different way to spend his evenings.)

Anyway. Its late and I was impressed.

Interesting user name. May I ask where it came from?
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[blushing prettily]

Well, John MAY have dreamed about me . . . It just didn’t involve sex.

Oh jeepers, I can’t believe I’m in this thread with Eve! Clearly, she wins Impressive Famous Doper by a landslide. Three-time published author? Television personality? Movie expert and critic? All-around rapier-wit? I hope that someday I have even ONE of these accomplishments.

But yeah, in the “cool name connoting a beautiful utopia” contest, I’m up there :wink:

[Eve and Eden skip off hand in hand to eat apples and gossip about Adam]

Let’s not forget David B., who has a VERY impressive magazine column (a lot more intelligent than my sarcastic blatherings!), and Ukulele Ike, who is one of the top book editors in New York.

—Eve [modestly deflecting attention from herself]

Well, if we’re going to mention magazine columns, how about puttin in a good word for our own Cecil Adams? And speaking of editors, let’s not forget Ed Zotti. :slight_smile:

Say, where IS David B. these days? He hasn’t posted in awhile—you don’t suppose he’s been abducted by space aliens?

Well I’m a world-famous future world leader! THat has to count for something!

Hehehe. And I did have a film crew in my house to interview me, but it was only aired on German tv. :stuck_out_tongue:
Sadly, my website is a lot more famous than I am.

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Did you not have a speaking role on a World Famous Syndicated Television show??

(Well canadians have heard of ricki lake!)



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David’s grandfather died last week. Though I don’t know, I’d guess he’s been involved in family events surrounding that.


Eve said:

I didn’t know this. For what magazine does he write? Does it have an on-line version?

(Hoping there’s isn’t a simulpost)

DavidB is chairman of the board at REALL and his writings have appeared in CSICOP.

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Man, if I was the Chairman of the Board at REXALL, I wouldn’t waste my damn time moderating a Straight Dope Message Board, I’d be living large in a penthouse love nest, surrounded by buxom and scantily-clad pharmacists pouring me champagne and applying the Dr. Scholl’s…

Waitaminnit. REALL? What’s REALL?


Scantily-clad pharmacists?

Livin’ on Tums, vitamin E and Rogaine

If you’re gonna get into philosophy, you should take it to GD. :wink:

What’s another word for euphemism?