Whose the most famous Doper?

I think the title of the thread is pretty much clear. How close have you come to fame? Is anyone or has anyone ever been famous?

The closest thing I can say is that Michael from Survivor goes to church right by me and I went and saw him last Sunday. That’s about it.

I have a secret plan to change my state in the works, however.

Well, I’m the Queen of the Underworld. Does that make me famous?

There’s a writer or two here on the boards, and one Aging Rock Star. But I’ll let them speak for themselves, if they want. :smiley:

Cecil Adams

I’m famous, but if I told y’all my name I’d be mobbed by autograph seekers.


I’m still kinda new here, but I’ll put a vote in for Satan. (Rest his soul.)

I personally know a couple of famous people in real life. (Famous in certain circles: An Indy LIGHTS driver and an ex-Toronto Maple Leaf.) Does that make me famous now?


Thirty-five years ago I’d have said aha.

Opalcat and Eve were the only ones, besides Ed and Cecil, I had heard of before I started here, although Calmeacham’s real name sounds familiar.

I thought it was Wally.

Well, besides Cecil and Little Ed.

Who is the most famous?
Who’s the only one with a smily named after him?


The most infamous would be Jack Dean Tyler, would it not?

My name is misspelled in the closing credits of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (known by other titles too numerous and silly to mention). That’s the one with future heartthrobs Matthew McConaughey and Renee Zellweger.

I made GatorAde.


Hey, there are 800 million practicing Hindus. :wink:

He went to my high school. neal McCoy lives here in town and goes to my aunt’s restaurant a lot. See? I have my connections…:wink:

There’s only two dopers here I had heard of for activities outside of this board: Eve and aha. There was also a third person, who no longer posts here and whose username I don’t recall, who was a science fiction author.

And of course, manhattan, who in real life is Winona Ryder.

I’m gonna get shit for this . . .

New TV show! “Everyone loves Falcon!
Yup. Something like 4k some odd posts. . .


I think the OP means famous; BUT not on the board-famous but bumped-against-someone-famous.

Now why would I give you shit for that, Trip?

And I’m blushing, dammit. hugs and a smoooch

Give it up, Gunslinger! Nobody remembers your days on Gunsmoke anymore. :smiley:

There’s a picture of my bloodied head in a story about the German autobahn in March 2001’s issue of Car and Driver. OK, not quite fame, but getting there … one injury at a time. :slight_smile:

Well I knew The Bad Astronomer’s web site long before I found out he posted here sometimes.