Impromptu, last-minute mini-opefest of Biblical proportions....

It just occurred to me as I perused a few Dopefest threads (an rogered up to one), that I haven’t been to one in more than six months!

The stars have lined up thusly:

  1. I’ll be off the ship from 1100 Monday to 0700 Wednesday. A lot of time off, but not enough time to go see my son.

  2. I’ve not done a Dopefest in a while. And haven’t done a spur-of-the-moment road trip in years.

  3. I’ve got a hankering for beer, as I’ve been at sea for nearly a month with limited shore time.

  4. This may very well be my very last underway period of my Navy career! Hey! A reason to celebrate (as if we need one)!

  5. I’ve got $300 burning a hole in my pocket!

So wadda ya say? Ya’ll wanna have a drink with me? I’ll entertain all offers!

Here’s the criteria:

  1. Nice pub/tavern/clubhouse/etc.
  2. A negotiable driving distance.
  3. A cheap hotel near the festivites.
  4. Billiards/pool
  5. Willing chicks
  6. Naked chicks
  7. Pretty chicks
  8. Chicks
  9. Chick
  10. Willingness to get drunk with a sailor.

Lack of 3 through 7 aren’t deal breakers. I’ll entertain all offers unless a few of you guys get together and tell me I have to be somewhere at a certain time. Then I’ll be there.

I’ll confirm at 5 p.m. Sunday!

That should actually read, “Lack of 4 through 10 isn’t a deal breaker.”

If’n you wanted to come up here, Chief, I’m free for dinner, and perhaps some other DC folk would be too…

I’m going to the Caps game on Tuesday night, but on Monday night I could do something…

I have no money to go out, though. :frowning:

Come over to Tampa. If I can’t entertain ya, Bear Nenno prolly could. And he’d get ya lots o’chicks.

checks watch

Well…it’s LONG past 5pm Sunday… :wink:


I’d nearly forgotten I had this out there (Does that make any sense?).

Sadly, Falc, I was told today I’ve got to make a report, both written and oral, at AIRLANT tomorrow afternoon. This will keep me in the Norfolk area.

Sorry. Guess I won’t be changing this week. ::sigh::

Maybe I’ll see you folks on the 10th?

I’m planning on going if someone gives me directions and somewhere to stay…

And hugs for ya, sailorboy.

Me too, BirdieLady.