Anyone watching? It is a Youtube Original series based off a novel in the same series that resulted in the movie Jumper a few years back. The first three episodes are availabe for free.

So that’s a “no,” then. Too bad–how many series do you get to see (one set of) bad guys being drug-manufacturing Canadian Mennonite gangsters?
(I binged all 10 episodes yesterday.)

I will watch! I love the books and Impulse was prolly the best of the bunch. Kind of a drag to see that they changed her name from Cent (for Millicent) to Henrietta, tho.

When I first started watching, I thought the actress that played “blonde girl with psychic powers and government problems and a boy’s name” in this one was the actress that played “blonde girl with psychic powers and government problems and a boy’s name” in the miniseries Believe. But she wasn’t–she was “blonde girl with computer skills and government problems and a girl’s name” in the sadly short-lived The Finder.

I liked the book - I’ll give the series a try if I have a little time. Thanks.

The series has absolutely nothing to do with the book; it’s set in the same universe as the movie and “Griffin’s Story.” I binged the series when it first dropped, as I’d already signed up to watch Cobra Kai. And as a fan of the books, it commits a Cardinal sin - it has a character jump somewhere they’ve never been, without explanation.

The series didn’t do much for me - it does almost nothing with Jumping, moves at a near glacial pace, and follows a bunch of meaningless plot-lines providing backstory for people you don’t care about, some of which are just dropped. It didn’t seem to know what it wanted to be about - high school, crime drama, sexual assault and its aftermath, dysfunctional families, on and on.

Annoyingly, the series tagline is “Powers is nothing without control” and Henry never attempts to control her jumping, content with figuring out how to trigger it (by nearly killing herself). She never decides where she’s going or tries to Jump without being in immediate danger, even after discovering that other Jumper do both.

Interest level dropping…

Ditto. Especially when the movie and “Griffin’s Story” got mentioned.

The show is Executive Produced by Paul Greengrass, who directed the movie - they go for a similar tone, and keep the “secret society hunts Jumpers” angle.

An addition to the original story that to me seemed somehow diminishing.

That would bother me. Any great power needs a rationale and limitations. Wasn’t there an instance in the book where he studied and studied a location (maps, videos, LOTS of photos) so he could jump there?

Nope, Davey had to do it the hard way - fly (via plane, not like his daughter), walk, or ride to a place the first time. Millie and Cent had it easy, as he simply Jumped them to his old jump sites in a region, after which they’d make their own. In the book and movie, he’d keep records of places he didn’t visit often to refresh his memory, but consistently the Jumpers have to have a sense memory of a place or be within line of sight.

In the show, the Henry shows up in a foreign country she’s never been to, apparently because her father lived there.