In a helping profession? I need help, appropriately enough.

First of all, sorry if this is the wrong forum for this. I’m not quite sure where to put it. Basically, I need a bit of help from someone.

I’ve got a class project at the local university having to do with helping professions. That is, people who personally help other people on either a volunteer or paid basis. Doctors, volunteer firemen, teachers, social workers, psychologists, etc. Everyone around here I’ve tried to talk to promises to call me back and then doesn’t, so I’m turning to a wider source.

So if you’re in some helping profession, it would be a big help if you could provide the information below. If you’re not comfortable posting that information publicly, feel free to email me at But since I’m asking this favor on a public message board and all, I think it would be appreciated by other potential readers if it was posted in this thread.

Here’s what I need, in six basic categories. It’s an interpersonal communications course, so it would help if you could focus on that aspect.

  1. The basics: Name, profession, education, employment, etc. I need your name to do the paper, so I’ll understand if this part is emailed to me even if the rest is posted here.

  2. What do you do in a typical helping session? Where does the session take place? Do you arrange your space to get a specific response from the client (i.e., creating a comfortable atmosphere)?

  3. What did you study/learn to get the experience you needed for this profession, especially in the area of communication? Does any particular communication style work best for you? What nonverbal communication do you look for or pay attention to in your clients?

  4. Is there any risk involved in your profession? What do you think are the best methods of accomplishing the goals of your profession? How would you improve your profession?

  5. Do you enjoy your profession? Do you ever take stress from your job home with you? If not, how do you avoid doing so? Does any particular kind of client make you more tense than others?

  6. Do you attend any conferences or workshops related to your profession? How do they help you? Do you subscribe to or read any periodicals related to your profession? What information about your profession is available to you?

I realize that’s a lot, but just a sentence or two in response to each question would be excellent. Again, you can either email the whole thing to me or post it here, but I’m sure everyone else reading the thread would prefer the latter. Many thanks in advance for any responses.