In DC Comics "Kingdom Come" series - Question about Wonder Woman's outfit

I got the entire book at the bookstore the other day. It’s the first comic I’ve bought in 20 years. Kingdom Come was a wonderful story and the artwork was superb!

Not to ask such a crass question about such a great story, but I was curious. It appears that Wonder Woman is basically flying around commando with a narrow loin cloth on (not that there’s anything at all in the least, little, bitty bit wrong with that mind you). Was this series ever a “sold in retail stores” comic book or was it only sold in Comic Book stores as an adultish graphic novel?

It was sold in single issues. But I can’t say whether it appeared in grocery stores and such.

The only comics you find in grocery stores are Archie and other kid-themed comics and a handful of the best known Marvel/DC superhero titles. Everything else sells only in comic book specialty shops.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I read Kingdom Com but if there’s anything there that would have specifically kept it off the news stands if news stand (and corner stores, etc.) were even an issue in today’s comic market, I the implication that Wondy wasn’t wearing any panties is the least of it. This isn’t the 1950’s after all.

I hate the lack of skirt or underwear on WW in KC, I will not be getting the KC WW action figure, and I’m always looking for WW stuff.

…can’t say I’d noticed.

Oh, and a slight threadjack / heads up- KC was an awsome, awsome story. The ‘sequel’, “Kingdoms”, sucked rocks, IMHO.

IIRC there was a panel in the epilogue which had Wonder Woman landing in Kansas to visit Clark Kent. Her skirt was show billowing up and yes, there was underwear underneath it. It seemed to be a strip of cloth which didn’t go over her hips (and hence was hidden by the skirt); it was presumably attached to her belt at the front and back to hold it up.

And Wonder Woman’s skirt was nothing compared to one of the bit players. One of the Justice League spear-carriers was a female Martian Manhunter (last of his species, indeed!) who wore the same outfit as the original MM. I.e., nothing above the waist but a red X-shaped harness. Yoiks.

(I can’t believe I remember this.)

The Spectre went commando under that cape of his, but I guess he has a lot less prurient potential.

Oh, and speaking of the unfortunate sequel: Was their kid supposed to be the same person as the Phantom Stranger, or just some kind of successor?

And how do you get a vividly blond son from the mating of a black-haired Amazon and a black-haired Kryptonian, each of which had black-haired parents?

Hmmm, doesn’t Aquaman have blond hair?

IIRC think WW’s mother was often depicted as being blond.

See here

IIRC think WW’s mother was often depicted as being blond.

See here

The pre-Crisis queen Hypolite (WW’s mum) was blonde. The post crisis Hypolite has black hair. WW has never had a father. (she was sculpted from clay and brought to life magically). So she only has a ‘parent’ not parents.

Comic book genetics are famously screwed up. A long running debate in Sailor Moon fandom is how Sailor Moon, a blonde with blue eyes and Tuxedo Mask, a guy with black hair and blue eyes could have a daughter (chibiusa) with pink hair and red eyes…

It’s best not to think about comic genetics. It’ll make your brain hurt :slight_smile:



Thanks for making my day Mr. Blue Sky. :smiley:

Maybe the kid WW has was fathered by The Green Arrow (took his arrow out of his quiver) - he’s way more of a man than Aquaman, and Superman goes along with the secret. The next Montel Williams Show who is the father of WW’s child, will get DNA tests to confirm paternity.

Couldn’t agree more about the sequel. As soon as they mentioned “Hypertime” on my first reading of it my heart just sank.What is it with DC and time travel stories? They make a “Star Trek: Voyager” Time travel episode look good in comparison.They just can[t seem to get the hang of them.

Oh, please–you mean Oliver Queen? :smiley:

[harmless rant]
Geez, of all the thing you could have possibly chosen to nit pick about, you chose the possible lack of underwear for Wonder Woman?

As well, people like Intaglio got upset by it? Wow, and to think the rampant murder and destruction in the book was taken without comment but the possibility that if you removed one layer of clothing for a superhero that they might be naked was comment worthy…
[/harmless rant]