Superman and Wonder Woman, sitting in a tree...

K.i.s.s.i.n.g… - or perhaps it should be “flying over some trees…”:wink:

(link to page from Entertainment Weekly website, showing the cover of a new issue of Justice League, showing them kissing).

Just an FYI - I haven’t read comics for years, but certainly keep an eye on superheroes within pop culture.

Well, heck, they did considerably more in Kingdom Come.

Of course, Lois was dead in that continuity…

This wearies me.

New 52 has done worse.

Not a dream! Not a trick! Not an imaginary story!

Then comes the big DC/Marvel crossover, where Superman and Storm get it on over Metropolis.

X and the City.

When I was 12, I think, I was buying a comic book and saw issue #95 of the X-Men - Not a Hoax! Not a Dream! In this issue an X-Man dies!!!. I bought it knowing nothing about the series, it’s relaunch one issue prior, or anything - and ended up getting in on the ground floor of a wonderful new series that ended up taking over the world of comics for a few years.

So on one hand I am revealing myself to have been a kid easily taken in by a silly headline pandering to bloodlust - on the other hand, it is clear that that stuff does work to draw people in…it just gets tiring for long-standing characters when they have to shock the world with a major twist…one…more…time…

They as much as state outright in that link that this is going to last for exactly two issues. Why, what did you think “Not a one-issue stunt” meant?

Well, when I was 12, more or less, this issue came out, and though it was a single-shot idea and a “doomed romance” comic, it wasn’t half-bad.

I can see it now:

As things get on the steamy side, she breaks out that magic lasso, playfully catches Kal-El in it, and whispers in his ear: Tell me all your secret dirty thoughts, big boy… How do you like it?

Fade to black, then a panel of a wide-eyed WW backing away while buttoning up her shirt as Superman says, “Well, I never said I expected you to DO that… Stupid Lasso of Truth!”

Well, she is one of the few people in-universe(women, at least) who can take Clark’s Super Wad.

The whole “woman of kleenex” thing gets boring after a while.

DC writers should really stop trying to hook these two up. Superman already has a well-establish love interest (and so does Wonder Woman, for that matter), and the constant editorial insistence on trying to turn WW in Superman’s squeeze is just a sign that the writers don’t seem to know what to do with a strong female character other than give her a stronger male character to be reliant upon.

I agree with Smapti. I don’t like the idea of Diana hooking up with either Superman or Batman. I wouldn’t mind her finding a new love interest. Steve Trevor or whatever his name is is an obnoxious, irritating bore. As a kid I cheered, when Wonder Woman was plain Diana Prince and Dr. Cyber’s goons machine-gunned his ass.
However, Supes just ain’t Supes without Lois Lane.

The problem with Superman and Lois Lane that if he breathes too hard or flexes his muscles at the wrong moment, she dies. If bullets bounce off him so does she. Humans are too fragile for superpowered beings and I can never get that out of my head.

Superman requires a superpartner. It’s Clark Kent who requires Lois Lane. Superman only pretends to be Clark. He remains super. He doesn’t become mortal whenever he puts his glasses on but if you read the stories you’d think that was true 99% of the time. That’s a problem they’ve been failing at for 70 years. It doesn’t work because it can’t work. It’s not just the woman of tissue thing: it’s every second of his life as a man of steel. Comic book physics can’t suspend my disbelief.

But, but…neither her first nor last names start with “L”! Thus, she’s a terrible match for Supes. :wink:

A certain joke concerning Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Invisible Man comes to mind.

Given the pacing of Justice League, 2 issues is a severe under-estimation, but, yeah, this is not going to last - not least because it’s in blatant conflict with Superman, where they’ve just had Clark hook up with Lucy Lane. (Lois currently has a boyfriend.)