In Like Flynn

or is it “In Like Flint”? I always thought it was “Flynn” due to Errol Flynn’s success with the women. Then, way back in college (mid-80’s) my asshole-from-Michigan-know-it-all roomie said it was “Flint” because of the James Coburn movie and I was a stupid Hoosier (which is probably redundant) for thinking it was “Flynn”.

I was back in the old college town last weekend and remembered that we never decided this.

While were at it, it is “Cut the Muster” and not “Mustard,” right?

It’s Flynn. Cecil did a column on it. Search the archive.

Links here and here. Knock yourself out!

Too bad Al Gore hadn’t already invented the internet back by the '86-'87 school year. We could have figured this out by ourselves.

If you are referring to the 60s spy movies, the titles of those are: Our friend Flynt(or flint, I forgot) and In like Flynt. Believe me, I know.

The movie titles are Our Man Flint and In Like Flint.