In Need of Some Doper Love: Minneapolis DopeLunch Redux

How Does Friday, May 14, look to my MinnDoper and WisDoper buds?

Tired of MarketPlace? Shall we do Hell’s Kitchen again? Or another place? Perhaps an alternate with outdoor seating is in order, in case we get some good weather?

I wait, with a listening heart.

Being a MN Doper who’s never been to one of these shindings, I’d like to attend.

But what does one do at these fetes? Does one wear the appropriate Straight Dope attire? Drink from the Official mug? Stand about and look studious?

'Jes wonderin…

:sigh: You’re going to make me drive to the Cities, aren’t you? :frowning:

I suppose I can probably go. I’ll have to bring Alex but it’s cool because he’s cute and well behaved and stuff. I promise. I’ll need a map of course, and a time to meet. And a big sign when I get there that says, “Hey, we’re Dopers over here!” so I don’t wind up at some other table full of strange people I’ve never met. :slight_smile:

Rooftop garden at Brit’s. C’mon, you know you want to.

And can any ol’ person come? I’m a newbie and mostly a lurker, and socially akward and smelly and stuff.

Isn’t Hell’s Kitchen only open until 2 in the afternoon? I’ve never been there, but I know the owner/chef, so that’d be cool, but it’s just breakfast, I thought. Does this kind of shindig happen in the morning or afternoon or evening?

Brit’s would probably have my vote, but just count that as a half vote because I’m not quite sure if I could make it yet. I’d love to though.


Oh, right there it says lunch.



Silver Fire prodded me, so I’m stopping in to say it sounds like fun and I’ll try to make it. Sometimes it’s tough to get away for lunch though, so I can’t promise anything. Downtown Minneapolis is about as far East as I could swing on the lunch “hour”. The further West, the better.

If I knew what the hell you were talking about, I might agree.

At this time I’d like to make a request. If you submit restaurant ideas, please include what type of food they serve so I know what I’m voting for. (Are we voting here?) Italian, burger joint, Chinese, etc.

Brit’s Pub is on Nicollet between 12th and 13th, I think, opposite Orchestra Hall. Traditional British cuisine, but it’s good, I swear.

They have outdoor seating on street level and a rooftop garden with seating up there, along with typical indoor seating. About $8/entree, give or take. Don’t forget the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II over the fireplace.

Nicollet, eh? So, umm… Where’s that again? Is it one way? If not, do I make a right or a left? (I’m coming from Up North, eh) Sorry but I’ve been to like the airport. And a few malls (Rosedale, Northtown, Maplewood, the MoA…) and this nursing home off of… well fuck, I don’t even know now even though I’ve been there like 50 times. I’m thinking 62 but I really have no idea. Either way, I always get it confused with Cleveland (36?) for some reason. Besides she moved over to the VA (off of… fuck) so I don’t have to go there anymore.

Basically what I’m saying is I’m really, really clueless and I totally hate driving in Minneapolis so you’re going to have to be very specific. Otherwise I might wind up in, like, Des Moines or somethin’. And I really do want to come! Honest!

We should just have it over at the Food Court in the Northtown Mall. I can get there with my eyes closed, I swear.

Does it have to be downtown?

And if Silver Fire gets to bring a kid, can I bring mine? I can’t promise she’ll be well-behaved, though. She’s only 4.

Actually, you can’t drive on it at all. It’s a special transportation corridor for buses, taxis, and police cars. They don’t even let bikes on there during business hours, but that rule was relaxed during the bus strike.

Put me down as a tentative yes. I’d go for Brits, but I have no idea what Hell’s Kitchen is or where it is (presuming we’re not talking about the one in NYC).

Call me a traditionalist, but MarketPlace is relatively cheap, and has BBQ chicken pizza, so that is 2 plusses in my book. Also, I’ll sponsor a free parking space at the Target store ramp, a mere 2 block walk away. You get a free parking voucher if you spend over twenty dollars at Target.

I could spend a twenty at Target in a heartbeat. I could do it with my eyes closed. I could spend a twenty at target with a leather zipper mask on and whipped cream on my nipples, with a carrot up my ass and a rainbow fright wig covering my naughty bits.

Er. Wait. I spent thirty that time.

I’ve been lurking in the Minneapolis Lunch threads for a bit here, but getting into MPLS for lunch is hard, so I’ve never posted/attended.

I know this isn’t my party but… has there ever been a non-lunch get together?

Last DopeLunch we kicked around some ideas of a DopeHappyHour, but that seems to have been forgotten.

Y’know, I have a half day on this Friday, so that’d be a perfect day for an impromptu DopeLunch that segues into a DopeHappyHour.

Just sayin’.

Considering I have my fridays off for a little while, I CAN ACTUALLY ATTEND, DARNIT.

Keep me posted.

I’ll be there. Probably with some Cuteness-on-a-leash, too.

Hey, DopeHappyHour sounds good to me.

Sadly, May 14 is out for me on the Happy Hour score…

How does Friday, May 28 look for everyone for a DopeHappyHour at Brit’s? I’ll bring the dorky SDMB sign. I’ll even post a link to a photo of myself holding said dorky sign.

Fully clothed.

If we get more interest in a May 28 DopeHappyHour, I’ll start a thread on it.

Newbie and lurker Dopers are ALWAYS welcome!

Oh wait. When is ChiDope 2004?

ChiDope is the weekend of the 21st. I know that because it interferes with Alex’s birthday party so I can’t go.

I CAN’T GO!!! :dies: Oh, wait…

I am so confused… sob

Okay - so May 14th for DoperLunch, AND May 28th for DopeHappyHour?


Stop confusing me.

I might be able to come on May 14. But if I did, I’d have Toddler tm with me. Any of these places kid friendly? I’m outside of Minneapolis, on 94 so a little bit of a drive.