In Praise of: Baily Fortune Cookies

Wow, just wow… Baily International, Inc. of National City, IL, I praise thee for a fortune cookie well done. Bravo!

The delicious fresh vanilla flavors dancing on my tongue after crunching through a perfectly crisp, perfectly shaped cookie are a welcome change from the typically awful fare from other Chinese restaurants, which range from the stale to the <ptooie> inedible <patoo!>.

The fortunes, “A romantic partner will woo away your worries.” and “Confession of our faults is the next thing to innocence.” are a refreshing bit of ancient Chinese wisdom, printed with intriguiging dark purple ink on flower petal soft paper stock.

I had to fish these fortunes out of my trash… it would be a crime to toss away such grand perfection. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: