In Praise of The Mods

(Like y’all need it! ;))

A few hours ago I posted a thread regarding the novel Dreamcatcher over on GQ, but for some reason the title didn’t make it in its entirety, so the the partial title made no sense.

Well, I e-mailed Jill with a request, and I’ll be damned if she didn’t fix it within minutes!

I just think that this is way fantastic considering the fact that y’all have lives and don’t get paid for this! It makes it worthwhile just staring at the screen when the board is slow (and I don’t have anything to open a new window for) because I know that other dopers are waiting right along with me, and I’m in good company.

I think y’all are great, just great! :smiley:



PS: Tuba Diva, I am so intrigued by your name and by what you do and write that I just have to ask if you have a home page I could visit?

Whew. Good thing he doesn’t know how Cute we are or we’d be in trouble.

Or about our oversized genetailia.

We do know. I got pictures and I posted them on a undisclosed web page. I only charge $3 per Megabyte for viewing. :smiley:

Jill has oversized genitalia? I never woulda guessed. David B, of course, has shown his to everybody.

Some of us do know, unless that’s not you on the People Pages. :slight_smile:

Aw . . . now I’m blushing.

I don’t, but I should. One of these days.


your humble TubaDiva

Holy crud! I had no idea TubaDiva was still alive and kicking!

I’ve missed you so! And so has my mailbox!

The mods work very hard to keep this a fun and informational site. They get very little thanks and no pay.

I really appreciate all the work they do… actually, I think we all do, and we should be more vocal about it. Like every other thankless job, they usually only hear about our grievances and "will you fix my code? " stuff.


And thank you, Quasi, for starting this thread!


I didn’t get to see David B’s genitalia. Or is this just one of those things that Mods get to do and we mere mortals don’t?