"In Search of..." episode with green, veiny face?

I was reminded of this by the “scarred for life” thread. Is anyone familiar enough with the old “In Search of…” TV show to know if there was an episode that had a weird, hairless, green, veiny, male face. I think either coming around a corner or from behind a curtain. Possibly looking into a mirror.

I remember seeing a scene like that when I was quite young but have never figured out if it was a real episode or something I imagined. I found it deeply upsetting and I avoided the show ever after. I’ve looked at the list of episodes, and can’t really tell much from the titles and descriptions.

it sounds like one of their monster or alien shows…that show loved to do weird things like that
tho I haven’t seen it since about 10 years ago when history channel ran it

Maybe this one?

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Maybe this one?


It’s possible those Nosferatu images are the bases of my memory. They are definitely creepy. It’s not what I remember, but my memory is not great.

I think you’re talking about the host or the show who was an alien with green blood.