"In The Company Of Men"---Neil LaBute

In the above movie, who is Neil LaBute mad at, females or males? Why?

I don’t think he’s mad at either, as a species. He’s just saying that certain individuals can be assholes.


I disagree, I think he is describing the human male condition. I read thru about 50 of his interviews, and finally found the one I was looking for. He said he hated the guys in the conference room, but does not go into detail about why he hates these guys. What male traits do you think he hates, possibly in himself as well?

I thought about putting this thread on great debates, but thought I would get a different perspective on this forum.


The premise is that 2 assholes victimize a vulnerable woman to get back at all women. I don’t think that was what was going on.

Hear me out. The deaf woman was not the victim of the plot. She got royally screwed over, to be sure, but that was collateral damage. The plot was one guy screwing over his superior and taking his position by suckering him into a vindictive action he had no real stomach for. Remember when they hatched the scheme. The underling talked the superior into it. And he justified it by saying how they had both been cruelly mistreated by women they loved.

Only he was lying. His girlfriend had not left him. In the end, the superior lost his a piece of soul for agreeing to the plot, lost his job to the underling, and lost the girl.(he had fallen for their victim)

And that was the underling’s plan from the start.