In the event you're being abducted...

This is obviously inspired by the case in North Dakota. However, it’s also it’s also of interest because I was in the grocery store last week and a very creepy person was following me to the extent that I opted for bag-boy-to-car service despite two bags of food. (It was one of those things that at the time, I thought I was being paranoid…after thinking about it, I should have reported the guy to someone in the store).

Anyway, I believe it’s my thinking that if someone tried to abduct me with a weapon, they would have to kill me in the parking lot before I would go with them. Who knows if that’s how I’d really react, but I think I’ve done enough pondering to firmly believe that I have more of a chance if I resisted during the actual abduction.

Of course, there is no right answer to this, but is there a general feeling about the “right” way to handle something so horrific?

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This is a sticky topic. I doubt I’d be abducted…don’t know very many people who would want to abduct a 220 pound man in an Avalanche :slight_smile:

But more seriously, Scream like hell if you are in a parking lot. Run if you think you can out run him, and or if he has a knife…with a gun…I don’t know what chances should be taken…If they are trying to abduct you, why would they shoot you…then with the rash of sniper like shootings lately, I guess the point is moot.

I would rather take my chances getting stabbed or shot in a parking lot full of people then where ever the abductor wanted to take me.

I would yell and scream and kick and throw myself on the ground. Anything to avoid going with the abductor.

A long time ago, I recall seeing a police officer on Oprah or an Oprahish show, and he said it was a bad idea to leave one crime with the criminal. For instance if you are are being robbed and then the guy wants you to come with him, don’t. Very few people live going to the second crime scene.
I wonder what percentage of adult abductees live to tell the tale?

My mom always taught me the following:

  1. If the bad guy has a weapon and says “get in the car or I’ll kill you,” tell him that he’s gonna hafta kill you right there because you are NOT driving him anywhere.

  2. In the case of a carjacking and the bad guy is making you drive, crash the car. Crash it hard, preferably into a tree. Better to die in a car crash than be taken out in the woods somewhere and tortured.

I hope I’m never in the situation. However, I’d like to say I wouldn’t go with them willingly and that they’d actually have to hit me over the head or restrain me.

I always drive around with my car doors locked, but if someone actually managed to get in it attempting to carjack, I think I’d try to jump out and let them have the car rather than end up dead later.

Zebra, I’ve heard that same thing. If the crook just wants your money, give it to them. They are almost as anxious to get away from you as you are to get away from them. If they want to take you with them, it’s not to meet their parents. I recall hearing (from one of those shows) that you have a better chance of survivial jumping out of a moving car than you do going to a second scene.

Fortunately, I’m a guy, so my abduction risk is probably pretty low. But no, I wouldn’t go.