In the midst of all of the rage, all of the pain, all of the fear... a simple kind act.

A teenager who earned the respect of an entire town..

Good eye there, kid. Nicely done. Hope they find the bastard who took the girl.

Two kids, actually. Very well done to both of them.

Those two kids are pure awesome.

But, it’s a good thing they both had guns, isn’t it? I don’t like to think how this might have turned out if both of them hadn’t been armed.

Ahh yes, so true. I did not mean to imply that it was just the one young fellow in the video.

I take back what I said in that other thread. This is pretty funny.

Let’s not turn this into an anti or pro gun debate, shall we?

That’s a great story. But I’m still trying to figure out how they got him. It seems to me that if I’m a criminal in a car being chased by kids on bikes, I have all the advantage. Stop lights would mean nothing to me. I’d take off at 90 mph and lose them easily. Maybe there was a lot of traffic or something?

From one article I read, there was at least one cop car patrolling the area, and to the kids, the car they saw appeared to be trying to avoid the area where the cop car was, generally staying down side streets and driving oddly. Maybe the guy figured one of the kids might split off and lead the cops to him?

I love the look on his face when all those moms keep hugging him. My teenager would look just like too. :slight_smile:
What an awesome story!

I hope everyone hears about this.

I’m glad for the people involved. When I first read about it I thought “I hope my son is courageous enough to help a little kid in trouble” and that was quickly followed by “I don’t want him chasing criminals.” I don’t know what the right answer is.

More than either of those I want criminals not to abduct little kids (or anyone).

Also, I hope the driver is caught.