In the year 2031...

It’s August 2031; describe your (and/or your offspring’s) daily life.

Me and my wife and a house full of cats, living in retirement in our modest little house on the Maine coast. Maybe a hovercar out front for the occasional road trip.

With luck, I’ll be decomposing.

If unlucky, I’ll be alive & facing an America that has no pity or sympathy at all for the aged, ill & suffering.

I intend to be one of those tenured professors who remains totally oblivious to any changes in the world. Consequently, in 2031, I…

…wear a coat and tie every day, even though we’ve reached the point where no one dresses up any more. Even lawyers and politicians will dress like slobs, but not me.

…cook my own food based on my mother’s old copy of Classic Austrian Cooking, even though processed and frozen food now account for 99.9% of what people eat. (By now the food nazis have banned everything containing fat, sugar, or cholesterol, but I subvert their tyranny by contacting a secret network of local farmers at an underground farmers’ market).

…ride by bike to work, even though everyone else uses a motorized personal transportation device whenever they go a distance more than walking fifty feet.

…read books, even though the entire contents of every library are available online.

Hopefully, I’ll be at the airport, about to board the plane for my 8th African safari (I’ve never been to Tanzania before!), arguing with the ticket lady about why I need to bring all six of my dogs.

Go hunting for rats in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

I’ll be 60, living in Manhattan, and a respected senior editor at a well-known publishing house or magazine. With another 15 years until retirement I’ll still be in the thick of my career, but starting to evaluate extended travel packages.

My SO and I will still be very much in love, despite our respective hard-headedness (the fact that we’re hard-headed about different things helps). We’ll both still be relatively healthy and active.

We will have no children, but will have figured out a way to have a Husky or two in NYC. We might also have a couple of cats, if the co-op is big enough for the six of us.

Life will be good.

Just 25 more years to make it happen… :wink:

Wasting radioactive zombies with my 12-gauge and ammo scrounged up from looted Wal-Marts.

In 2031, I will be 62 years old, and retired for seven already. I will be living in either the Texas Hill Country, or on the Texas coast. I be a grandfather to at least a half-dozen children, two of which will be from a step-daughter, who is the daughter of the woman I marry in my early 40’s. We will be comfortable, but not wealthy, and that’s okay with me, as long as she is by my side. I will have been very successful in my career, mostly due to her and her belief in and respect for me.
This is the future I want, and therefore, the future I see.

I’ll be almost 45! I can’t even think that far ahead.

Living on lower Wacker Drive in a refrigerator box most likely.

I’d better start sucking up to my son - he has to make the decision as to what home to put me in…

2031? I’ll be 68. (68!)

I’ll be living in my solar-powered house, growing my own food, doing great art, and telecommunicating with people all over the world in half a dozen languages.

Wondering who the rat-rustler is on my rat-farm in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

That’ll be about the time I’m getting ready to retire. I’m already putting money away for one reason, to travel around the world via motorcycle. So, at that time I’ll ever have bought my motorcycle(s) or be really thinking about which one to buy. I’ll also be thinking about how I wish to go. If I’m already retired by then, I’ll be off somewhere in the world with my motorcycle.

Iris has suggested that she might want her own bike for the trip. In that case I’ll be helping her learn to ride better. I’m also sure the little one, who will be 25 or so, will want to go with us so I might be buying a third bike. And I’m also sure if there are more little ones they will want to go as well. That’s a lot of bikes to be buying.

As undisputed ruler of the world you will all bow before me.

Those of you of a female persuasion can look forward to spending a great deal of your time topless.

I’ll be old. Really old, but still alive.

I’ll be living in my same house in my same suburb. I won’t have to yell at those dang kids to stay off my lawn, though. The Lawn Sentry Plus fertilizer I use will have a special additive that dissolves organic matter on contact. No leaves to rake, no stray animals digging up the yard, and if a kid actually manages to get to safety, the odds are good he won’t come back.

I’ll be by FAR the oldest person at each Magic: The Gathering Prerelease tournament.
And I’ll still be complaining about the hamsters.

An early morning 3 mile run, some weights and 20 minutes in the hottub followed by a wonderful breakfast of 3 eggs, turkey bacon and whole grain toast.

With my com pack charged, my OLED sunglasses with computer interface and watch with laser projection keyboard and build in gyro mouse, I will update my web sites, check the news, and work on my latest novel while relaxing on my yatch.

I will be living quite comfortably on the Oregon/Washington coast, will be 54 years old, in great shape, and quite successful.

Enjoying a long, long sleep.

I will be 65 years old, entering my tenth year of retirement in Central America, or perhaps Mexico. I will have a guest in my guest house and will be planning on what to make for dinner for them. Maybe a chicken with apples.