Well, tomorrow is my one year anniversary (and other E/N)

The Mrs. and me are going to The Melting Pot to celebrate. A lot has happened in the last year, some good, some bad, but we’ve managed to get through it. It feels like I have been married to her longer than that, but when I remember our honeymoon it feels like it was just a couple of months ago. I probably don’t have to worry about forgetting our anniversary in the future, as I’m sure the anniversary of the attacks on New York and DC will be in the news for years to come.

In other news, we are probably moving from the apartment we have been in for the last 14 months to a house in the neighborhood. My parents are going to be moving in with us this winter, and we need a yard for their dogs to spend most of their time in (I’m allergic). We found a really nice 2000 square foot 4 bedroom one just a couple of blocks from where we are now, and less than a block from my stepdaughter’s school. The rent is going to be about $400 a month more than what we are paying, but my parents will be contributing some, my wife is going back to work part-time, and my wife’s aunt is going to help us out too (she’s pretty wealthy). It will be strange living in a house, I haven’t lived in one since I was 11 unless you count a couple of months in a single-wide trailer when I was 20.

I am considering changing jobs, as well. A friend says he can get me a job maintaining and configuring routers for about $10 an hour more than what I am making currently. This wouldn’t quite make up for the money I get from my stock options, but next summer is the last time I will be getting that and this job probably has more potential for growth than my current tech support one.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on in my life right now.

Happy Anniversary to you and Mrs Maru. Happy 3000 posts too, I suppose. Good luck in new house and especially with the new job.

I’m just considering the job, now…I was considering it more seriously before we found the house (should have word today whether we can get it) but now I’m thinking I need to stick with what has been stable for me so far. I’ll probably stay where I am, for now.

I’m wondering how I’m going to cope with my parents living with me. They aren’t a burden at all, really nice and sweet, but every time I see my Dad I get really depressed afterwards - he has Alzheimers, and though he’s happy and fairly functional, he’s not the man he used to be.

The daughter of one of my former cow-orkers was supposed to have her quinceneras (sp?) this weekend. I wasn’t invited, but since I didn’t expect to be, it was okay for Izzy to discuss plans with me. I was at one a few years ago, for the daughter of a cow-orker at a different company. In fact, I think one of the first questions I posted here was about an appropriate gift for the occasion. Anyway, since I had an idea what would go on (the one I was at was like a crossed wedding/confirmation), I listened avidly to the arrangements. The gown was made to order, and looked beautiful in photos. The bakery and catering negotiations were a never-ending complexity.

I guess I’ll never know how it will come off. I’m sure it will, since we’re all the way in LA. But what a conjunction of memories.

Well, I guess every day is someone’s birthday, or anniversary or wedding or something. It’s like Jeannie said: the hijackers weren’t going to say, “We can’t do this, today’s Jeannie’s birthday.”

May god bless you on your day, Carmen. While he’s blessing all of us who still live.

We got the house, and we move in this Saturday.

It has a bar with a faucet in the living room! And an attic to stick unruly children in! I may have to host a DFW Doper gathering one day.