In Thor, the Dark World which obscure language did Marvel co-opt for the Frost Giants?

Sometimes it is just easier to use an Earth language if all you need is smattering of dialog. Star Trek’s Vulcan varied from Hebrew to Quechua. In this movie they chose one with the cadence of an Indo-European language but one I do not recognize. Soumi would make sense. So what is it?

Looks like it was constructed for the movie specifically.

Same guy who built Dothraki for Game of Thrones. You seem to be correct that it was inspired by Finnish, though. At least in its pronunciation guidelines.

I’m assuming you meant the dark elves… Frost giants were in the first Thor movie.

Finnish (Suomi) isn’t Indo-European. You may know that, but your phrasing doesn’t make it clear.And Dark Elf language definitely has a Finnish “feel” to it.

Yeah, but correcting myself on this POS tablet is such a misery I gave up and figured you guys would correct me on species and language group. :wink: