In "Under the Boardwalk", are they "falling in love" or "making love"?


Tell me I’m not going crazy here.
Did they change something?

I have always heard it as “falling in love”.

I also heard falling in love. “Making love” doesn’t seem to have enough syllables. Unless you draw out looo-oooove.

From Wikipedia:

“Falling in love” is new to me. First time I heard that version I literally said “WTF?” aloud. I had only ever heard “Making love”.

I’ve been digging through the internet trying to find the “making love” version, but I just can’t find it. I’ve only heard “falling in love.” Are you outside the US, by chance?

The version I have here on my computer says “making love”. But whenever I hear it on the radio it’s always “falling in love”.

I’ve always heard the “making love” version growing up…on TV or the radio, and I’ve always lived in the US. :confused:
I started hearing “falling in love” on the radio for the first time only two or three years ago. Before that, though, I hadn’t ever heard it before.

I also googled both sets of lyrics and both seem to come up with an equal number of results.

Note that when the song came out “making love” did not necessarily mean “sex.” The sexual meaning went in and out of fashion, and it took the sexual revolution a few years later to fix it as the standard meaning.

Central US. Have heard both versions equally.

At least it’s actually two different recorded versions, unlike the edited version of Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl, where they took out “making love in the green grass” and shoehorned “laughin’ and a’runnin’, hey, hey” in from the first verse.

I’ve heard both version, btw.

I thought it was “making love” the first two times through the chorus, and “falling in love” on the last chorus.

I agree. I’m originally from New York. This is the version I heard first on the oldies station back in the 70s, and the version I’ve heard most often, though I’ve heard the “sanitized” version as well. It annoys the beejezus out of me. The sanitized
version takes the “falling in love” from the third chorus, and replaces the “making love” in the first two.

The Drifters Greatest Hits CD I own, has the version where first chorus has “making love”, second chorus has “making love” and the third chorus “falling in love” (repeated twice). So there is no doubt in my mind that the version with “making love” is the original, or at least the “official” version.

I think the oldies stations here in the Midwest are more conservative. The one I listen to occasionally always plays the censored version of the Beach Boys “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” which replaces “sleep together” with “stay together,” and flat out refused a request, on air, to play Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side”.

I’ve always heard “falling in love”, and assumed it was a euphemism for fucking.

The original mono mix has “sleep together,” and the stereo mix has “stay together” as far as I know (I don’t think there is is “sleep together” stereo version, but I may be wrong). I think FM stations these days are just as likely to play the stereo mix for issues of audio quality as conservative values.

Good to know I wasn’t going crazy, by the way. I still might be, but at least not about this. :stuck_out_tongue:

The song (or at least the most popular version) came out when I was in my early teens – and by then “making love”, if not precisely meaning “having sexual intercourse,” at least strongly implied it. And at that time, suggesting over the airwaves that someone was gasp having sex was verboten – you could hint at it, but never be explicit. Hence, IMO, the two versions: the single, for airplay, had “falling in love”; the album, for private listening, “making love.”

Me too.

Funny that society would have such a complex about the idea of people fucking. Because for every person - every single person - you ever see, there were two people who fucked each other.