In Which A Monkey with a gun shoots the fish in a barrel known as Sarah Palin

I’m a bit more conservative than most on this board, but I have always thought that Mrs. Palin would be better suited to doing the weather on a local news station rather than being in politics. As some of you know, she has a biographical motion picture that was just released entitled The Undefeated. Well, the reviews are in. You can look at the Rotten Tomatoes link here.

It’s too damn funny for me not to post it.

The Undefeated got a 0% in both critic and audience ratings. How bad do you have to be to get a fucking 0%?!

Hell, Gigli got a 7%.

Can “outsiders” vote there, 'cause otherwise Palin zombies will catch on, and give it artificial life. Derp vote.

First story I heard, some film critic guy went to a showing and there was nobody there.

Then I read how the place was packed for the real showing, but this guy went to a fake, made-up showing, where nobody was. And besides, the advertising was very small, so nobody heard about it, except for those people who showed up and made it all packed, and stuff.

Just an idle thought (haven’t seen the movie and won’t) but just reading the reviews reminds me of the “Communist Museum” in Prague, CR. It’s a must-see if you visit the city. It is entertaining and makes you realize that the people of the Czech Republic don’t miss the Communist government. So what does this have to do with “The Undefeated”?

It reminds me of the age old lesson that corrupt, self-serving, avaricious assholes and propaganda attract like magnets. They just marry up and stay stuck to each other.

There’s no “I” in truth.


We both know that’s bullshit.

What cracks me up is that I DID expect an artificial bump. And it’s not there! Her supporters could have easily rated her self serving movie on Rotten Tomatoes as “audience members”. But that didn’t happen. Hah!

Maybe she will finally start going away. She no longer has a chance in Hell to get the Republican nomination for President, and it’s not like she can go back to being governor of Alaska after stepping down. Just go away, Sarah! I’m very happy that your movie looks like it is going to hurt your political career, rather than help.

Just to clarify, I’m not calling bullshit on elucidator. I’m calling bullshit on what he read, and I think he agrees.

This is the only thing I’ve ever read about Sara Palin that made me smile. I might laugh out loud if I read it again.

I read an article where the reporter and two others showed up to an initial screening, and the other two walked about after about 20 minutes. The only other folks that came into the theater were a couple who wanted to make out and THEY left too!

There are a few positive reviews one says

and the other says

We need leaders who are quitters? Who knew?

John Cleese on Sarah Palin. This is from just before the 2008 Presidential election, but I’m pretty sure it’s still relevant, i.e. she still is just spewing words out without really understanding what they mean.

Why are those critics being so mean to her? Why can’t they just leave her alone?!?

Do not underestimate the evil that is Sarah Palin. Seriously.

Yes, she’s a joke to you, but keep looking. Especially at the republican field. Eeek!

I am afraid to hope that her 15 mins are almost up. She did just release a film called ‘The Undefeated’, after being soundly, y’know, defeated, after all.

That would be a return to her roots. She used to do the weather.

When the going gets tough, The Undefeated… quit!

How did this movie make it’s way into theatres? Do theatre owners have contracts with distributors where they are forced to screen certain films wether they want to or not?
From a business standpoint who would even think this could make money?
Are theatres being forced to run this to an empty room?
What will the box office return be on this thing?

The opening weekend box office was $65.1k in 10 theatres. Apparently it’s rolling out to these HUGE markets this weekend: Tucson, Ariz.; West Palm, Fla.; Milwaukee, Wisc.; Charlotte, N.C.; and Ontario, Calif.

Sometimes. I’ve heard of other films that had a limited release because they had to be released due to contract. I think there was a Fantastic Four movie that was released for this reason.

Yes, that’s why people who are concerned with “I” use “truthiness” instead.

Either that, or the theater owner just couldn’t score another print of Harry Potter or some other – any other – movie to fill the empty slot.

This, mind you, in Orange County, California.