In which HurricaneDitka makes an announcement about his feelings on Trump

This comes from a series of PMs shared with HurricaneDitka and the thread is started with his permission. Take it away HD!

Why do I feel like I’m just about to watch two first cousins making out or something?

I don’t particularly like Trump as President. I’d prefer that he resigned and Pence took over. I don’t have any significant expectation of Trump bowing to my wishes, but there they are, nonetheless.

Some reasons for my feelings, in no particular order:

  • He is not a good representative for the party that styles itself the one of “family values”. Twice-divorced, a wake of sexual abuse allegations trailing behind him, and a history of violating vows of fidelity all make me cringe.
  • He doesn’t strike me as sincere in most of his beliefs. Now, that could probably be said about a great many politicians, but Trump was a Democrat-in-good-standing not that many years ago. I worry a little bit that he’ll revert to his leftist ways (not a concern I suspect many here share).
  • His incessant tweeting is distracting and demeaning to the office he holds.

And to put the kibosh on any rumors, no, I didn’t lose a bet to iiandyiiii to spark this. He felt it might be useful / helpful for me to share my thoughts, and I acquiesced.

Well, that took old Trumpo apart in a devastating fashion.

I wonder if Donnie will ever recover from that fiery blast from Hell.

No shit. What a rip off.


There it is.

…but you faithfully and reliably carry water for him, so what do you expect us to take away from this? That you have no integrity? OK, you drive a hard bargain, but I’m sold.

Thank you HD. I’ll note that the discussion we had was primarily about sexual assault and the credible allegations (and admissions) related to Trump for behavior that violated the consent of multiple women.

He’s a fine representative of the party that styles itself the one of “family values”. The only thing he hasn’t checked off is being closeted. Unsure on child molestation. He’s said some damned creepy things about Ivanka and Tiffany both recently and when they were children.

Yes, he’s got enough credible accusations lodged against him that for that alone I’d prefer another Republican were president.

I think most Democrats aren’t all that concerned that the Republicans are in power. It sucks, but they have weathered that many times before. The problem is this particular Administration; a slithering mass of hateful wealth-obsessed racist, misogynist hypocrites, with no ethics, morals, or self-respect. They make the GWB years look like a fragrant field of buttercups.

I think worrying, above all else, that Trump may go left is akin to worrying that the large rabid dog running straight towards you may leave some doggy hairs on your business suit.

I’ve asked a number of them and have gotten decidedly mixed results on whether they’d prefer a President Trump or President Pence.

I’m actually quite heartened to read this HD. I hope you’ll continue to speak out against him.

He’s a terrible embarrassment for our country.

More apt would be expecting that dog to pull up short, lick you on the face and then curl up with you in front of nice fire in the den.

Not sincere? The guy is such a blatant bullshitter that it’s insulting to anyone with half a brain, no matter which party you’re from, and I’m sure you’re smart enough to see it. This kind of understatement is like enabling an addict–it’s co-dependency.

The probem right now is not Republican politicians as a category. It’s that the voter base currently demands a particular brand of extremism, and there are plenty of politicians ready to jump up and serve up that hot garbage. Of the entire Republican primary field last year, I can’t name one except maybe Jeb! that I can live with.

There are a couple of things I can sincerely credit Trump for:
[li]Being too incompetent to execute his own policies. Pence might actually get shit done.[/li][li]Being too incompetent to get any legislation done. Again, advantage Pence.[/li][li]Being not Ted Cruz. This is important and we shouldn’t forget this. Pence would also accomplish this.[/li][li]Being a good foil for the clown car that is the 115th US Congress. I am actually glad these yahoos have to grapple with Trump, and not the easy unifying boogeywoman of Hillary. Pence, again, would probably lock arms with the establishment agenda and move stuff through.[/li][/ul]

So there are silver linings to the Trump presidency, though of course I mean them all as back-handed compliments.

In light of this, I think there’s a good strategic case for letting Trump serve a full 4-year term, to get bloodied by scandal, failure, and the impeachment process, and let the Republican party shake itself to pieces like a lawnmower with a bent shaft.

The only reason to oppose that strategy would be for people who cannot get past their loathing of Trump, Trumpism, and Trump voters, and want to deliver a smackdown in the form of impeachment and prison (hello angry unhinged white women). I absolutely share that unhinged personal hatred, but I think some strategic restraint would be beneficial.

In the past you said that you supported Trump because you felt he would put forward policies that you favored/supported. But the above listed character flaws were a pre-existing condition when he was just a candidate. Yet, you supported him as a nominee then and well into his presidency (IIRC). What was the turning point/event for you, specifically?

Yet if you go back and read posts and articles by the leftists during George II’s administration, you’ll find pretty much the same wailing and gnashing of teeth as with Donny Two-scoops – their outrage needle was pegged by GWB leaving no room for when someone truly awful took over.

Of course, the same is true for the rightists during the Obama administration. I wonder if their heads would explode if during the Trump backlash we elected an honest-to-god socialist.

I may well be an angry unhinged white woman, but it seems to me that the main reason to oppose that strategy is that Trump is making some potentially disastrous choices that Pence would not make, such as getting into Twitter wars with Kim Jong Un. There are real dangers to having a president with no self-control and very little grasp of the potential consequences of his words and actions.