In which I become a Bokononist

Well it wouldn’t have occured to me if I just hadn’t happend to be rereading Cat’s Cradle (which I wouldn’t be if I hadn’t just happened to have left the book I was reading in a friends car) and if I just *happened * to get to the chapter on the Bokononian theory of connection.

But I happened to be doing those things just before I decided to post about a dog. And went to look in our brand new (second hand) dictionary to see how to spell schnauzer. In the dictionary we got because it was the most like the one we lost when our house burned down.

Only to find “schnauzer” (the first thing I’ve look up in my “new” dictionary) was highlighted, with a little star next to it. Can’t find anything else highlighted.
Does this mean a dog is my wampeter? Mr. Vonnegut, you’re creeping me out.

Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly
Man got to sit and wonder why? why? why?
Tiger got to sleep, bird got to land
Man got to tell himself that he understand

Oh…* Bokononist*…and here I thought you were getting ready to battle a Lensman.

Watch out, you’re gonna get the hook!

I considered it, but gave up after several dozen invitations to join a granfalloon.

Congratulations on your vin-dit.

Busy, busy, busy.