In which I become one of those oft-forwarded emails/FB statuses...

Tonight, at the Walgreens nearest my home (I usually fill prescriptions at a Target pharmacy near my workplace, but I have filled scrips here multiple times), I attempted to fill my son’s ADD med:

ME: Sure. [Hands over Texas driver’s license]

<30 seconds of perusing>

WALGREENS CLERK: Do you have a United States ID?
ME: …Texas is…in…the United States. My date of birth is in the upper left corner. The ID number is top and center.


I’ve heard stories of this happening with New Mexico, but Texas? I’m just amazed.

I didn’t think this really happened.

Hope you didn’t try to pay for it with $2-dollar bills.

Thinking Texas is not in the U.S. is unforgivable, but (assuming your location is correct) why don’t you have a Utah driver’s license?

I moved here from Texas a couple years ago. Texas DL expires on my birthday this year. I had been delaying, thinking I’d be back in TX before it expired. Time to cave in, apparently; won’t someone think of the poor pharmacy techs? :smiley:

Most states require you to have your license changed soon after changing your permanent residence. (For example, within two weeks.). By delaying for two years, you have likely risked a citation.

A year ago we were headed overseas on an extended holiday. We were flying into Bangkok, travelling overland to Singapore and flying home from there. We had acquired visas for Thailand as we would be staying over 30 days. This is something we have done, in some version, many times through the years without difficulty.

We arrive in New York, to catch a connection. When we check in at JAL we are informed by the agent they cannot/will not allow us to do this. That we are required to, right now, buy two air tickets from BKK to SNP, or Thailand won’t let us in!

Wha? We have visas! We know we can do this, we’ve done it before, often. And why would JAL have sold us such a ticket if it were, in fact, impossible? Agent won’t hear of it. No, we must purchase air tickets to cover the gap!

We’re so stunned by the agent’s insistence we are confused. What? This takes so long, they are now calling our names as the flight’s now at the gate. I am getting beyond frustrated at this nonsense and finally ask if I can speak to someone else please.

Sure enough next agent, takes one look, sees our visas, calls the gate to wait on us, gives us boarding passes and apologizes for the confusion.

This didn’t hapoen in Texas. This was at La Guardia, on a major international carrier. Who’s desk agent did not understand the working of an international visa! What?

It seems anything is possible. Anytime. Anywhere.

Didn’t Texas [del]get booted out[/del] secede from the Union?
Did the Walgreen’s clerk & I have the exact same dream? Was his also wonderful enough to involve Texas taking Mississippi with them? :confused: