@#!!*! Of all the times to lose my wallet...

Yes, that’s right. Three days before I am to fly to D.C. I discover my wallet is missing. Among the items lost were a couple of credit cards, a couple of bank cards, my drivers license, and a grand total of $3 cash. I’ve cancelled my cards and am having new ones shipped. I’m having my bank card expressed to me so it will be here Thursday. I’ll go get a new driver’s license today. Nowadays you get your permanent license during your visit; they got one of them there new-fangled setups. So I’ll be all set.

There is one thing that really bums me out though. It would’ve been cool to be 59 years old with a picture of a 23 year-old on my license. Although, if I understand correctly, the AZ driver’s license expiraration age is now 65 instead of 60. So now I can look forward to being a 64 year-old with a picture of a 30 year-old on my license, which is pretty comparable to the other scenario. Also, I think I look younger now than I did when I was 23.

Sigh. At least my head is screwed to my neck.

What? You are supposed to keep the same license for over forty years? We get new ones at every renewal in Ohio. Although I can’t seem to remember right now if that’s every 4 years, or 5 years, so mine’s probably expired. Again.

Again, what? Arizona finally has a Polaroid camera?

Man, you guys out west are weird! Next thing you’ll be tellin’ me the stagecoach doesn’t stop in Tombstone anymore. How 'bout the pony express? The telegraph? Ya still got them things out thar?

I came to Phoenix from Ohio. Imagine my surprise when to discover that instead of getting a new license every four years, I never have to renew until I’m 60! (Although I understand that they WANT you to get a new picture every ten years. There’s no law stating that you HAVE to, though.) I’m also interested in seeing how someone reacts to my 27-year-old pic (me 27, not the pic, which will be 32) when I’m 59. I’m also interested in seeing what my chances of actually remembering to get the damn thing renewed are. My grandmother sends reminders with every birthday card - she’ll be long gone when I’m 60.

Bummer! Glad everything is working out okay though.

Enjoy the trip!

UncleBeer, one benefit to getting a new driver’s license is that at least now I won’t have that nasty flash powder all over my face in the photo. Yeah, all that other stuff has been stopped. They’re replacing the telegraph wires with–get this–phone lines. They’re paving a lot of our horse paths too, and calling them “roads.” Sigh, things just aren’t the same as they were when I came out here.

I’ll have to get a new wallet too. Maybe I’ll get one with a chain on it so I don’t lose it again. It would go well with my big truck tires. I can afford the wallet though, plus the $15 fee I’m paying to have my bank card expressed to me. Why? Because today I got a raise (retroactive to my anniversary date)! That’s right–a raise! Now that $3 I lost doesn’t seem so bad, either. Whoo-hoo!

Well then CLEARLY we’re gonna have to find a bar Saturday night you you can buy us all a round! :slight_smile:

I can sympathize. I had a similar thing happen to me last week, although not quite as bad as yours. A rogue ATM ate my ATM card, for no readilly apparent reason. Just decided that it deserved my card more than I did, I suppose. Called the ATM’s bank up (not my own bank), and they refused to lift a finger to help me, as I’m not one of thier customers. No, they can’t send anyone out to fetch it for me, and when the machine is serviced some time in the future, my card will be destroyed, as I’m not a customer. Feh. Nice policy. You’ll let me use your machine, you’ll gladly take the $1.50 service charge from me, but when YOUR machine screws up, I’m SOL. Nice policy.

And, like you Strainger, this is a really bad time for me to be without my ATM card. I’m going to Vegas this weekend. My bank is issuing me a new card, but it probably won’t get here in time for my trip. That’s okay, I’m certain I won’t need an ATM card in Vegas. :rolleyes:

Hmmm. On second thought, maybe it’s better off that I’m without an ATM card in Vegas… :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’ll find all the DC Dopers more than willing to help you break in that new wallet (and that raise)! 'Cause, you know, we’re just really nice people.

It was in a spot where I never put it, but should’ve checked anyway. Now I have a wallet full of voided bank and credit cards. :rolleyes: Oh well, the magnetic strip on my credit card is worn out, so that needs to be replaced anyway. Plus, now I don’t have to get new movie rental cards and I can carry my driver’s license for another 28.5 years.

I’d like to celebrate this raise I just got by treating my fellow Dopers to a cool, refreshing pitcher of ice water Saturday night. Or two; I’m feeling generous.