In which I bid the Dope Adieu

My subscription is up tomorrow and I won’t be re-upping. Sure, there’s parts of the Dope I’ll miss, but mostly I won’t.

The board is terrible about load times. It’s been brought up, pitted, explained, pitted again, rationalized…and on and on so I’m not getting into it. Nothing I say here will make any impact anyway. And while it has gotten better, it still sucks more than any other board I go to - all of which are free.

The people have gotten to be less fun on here. It wasn’t that long ago that I would, at least once a day, set at my desk stifling giggles and wiping tears from my eyes - just completely entertained by threads. Now it seems that everyone’s turned into assholes (obviously not everyone, but more than not). Every new thread that is a not widely accepted idea like “Bush Sucks” is ridiculed and everyone takes turns trying to prove that they are smarter or that their dicks are bigger. There is no one definitive post or thread that explains what I mean. It is an overall attitude change that seems to have happened here.

I was going to go into a long list of posts of who said what and how people are being dicks, but that would required too much effort for no real payout since I won’t be here to discuss or explain any of it anyway.

So, to the few that made my time here fun – thank you. I would especially like to thank the Mods who have made this one of the best boards I’ve been to - content wise.

To everyone who wants to prove how cool they are by trying to belittle others on a message board - grow up. Get a haircut and a shave. Move out of your mom’s basement.

I know, I know, I won’t let the door hit my ass on the way out. I know I won’t be missed. I know no one gives a shit whether I re-up or not. It’s these kinds of attitudes shown on the board that has made me decide that my measly $15 is more important to me that the ability to post on this site.

If you want to address me per this post - make it quick; T-minus 10.5 hrs and counting.

I took a break for a while. It was really a flip of the coin whether to come back or not, and I might walk again.

No big reasons this time, though. Just whether this place fits in with my life is something I have to ask every so often.

Anyway, if it isn’t fun, you shouldn’t do it (for those things supposed to be fun.) Goes for everything in life, and this place is no exception.

I quit every time my subscription runs out, and after a month or so I end up ponying up the money again. This is how I lost my cheap subscription price. I let it go and had to re-sign up with the higher cost.

I’ll miss your posts, and I agree with each one of your complaints about the board.

I’ve seen some of what bothers you too and just hope it’s those attitudes that’ll walk eventually and not the ones that have made this a fine place.

Whatever you decide, good luck to you.

We must be reading very different threads, then. I’m thinking that this place has been friendlier than ever.

:stuck_out_tongue: We are a predictable lot, aren’t we? The first thing I thought when I saw your thread title is “Well, don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!” It’s automatic at this point.

Good luck to you.

Good luck, brewha. I agree with most of your points, however, I will say that in regards to your asshole comment, it’s not entirely the reality. There are a handful of posters that are here all the time who inundate the board with their foaming-at-the-mouth belittling of others. Most here are good-natured, intelligent people. I’ve got the dicks in my ignore filter and you’d be surprised how the mood of the board changed to me.

Anyway, like I said, good luck. :slight_smile:


Bush sucks?!?

First I’ve heard of it.

Well, this sure isn’t going the way I expected. I even put it in the pit so people wouldn’t have to hold back. I expected the kind of responses that were driving from this board - pretty much the opposite of what I’ve gotten.

DudleyGarrett - maybe you’re right. It could be the old “few bad apples” analogy going on here. Maybe I should’ve spent less time in the Pit.

Oh, OK.

Fuck you, asshole!

I aim to please.

Hold out until somebody pays you to leave :smiley:

See, that works in theory, but it also takes years and years to get that kind of hatred built up towards you. You’d have to just skirt the line of troll-dum so you don’t get banned but still manage to piss someone off that much. And since AFAIK, it’s only happened once in the history of the board, that’s a tough one reproduce.

Unless, that is, you’re offering :smiley:

Well, brewha, I am sorry to see you go. We didn’t interact too much, but I liked you nonetheless. I agree with some of your comments, especially about this place being less fun, but I swear it’s like crack and I can’t stay away all the same.

Enjoy and hope to see you back one day.

Have a good life, brewha. You’ll be missed.

If you have a worthy goal, it’s never too late to start! :smiley:

Oh no, one less Wisconsinite!

Good luck to ya!

Why haven’t we had more interaction on this board? You are from 'Sconnie, you joined about the same time I did, and your username refers to beer, which is my one true love!

I agree with most of your points, I think part of the problem is that there are just so many people here nowadays, as compared to back in '00/'01 (my lurking, joining years). It’s a different board than it was, not necessarily worse, just different. Sorry to see ya go!

So it wasn’t a fond adieu then.

Well, bugger. :frowning:

Happy days to you, and I hope you come back for visits. toasts