In which I meet this guy...

Lately, I’ve been eating at Jack In The Box. A lot.

I always drive thru. There’s this guy, a cashier, Alex. He seems to only work late nights (coincidentally, that’s when I am usually there).
We’ve talked several times, usually very quick stuff, in passing.

Tonight, there was a long line, and as I was waiting, he made some small talk. He asked where I live, if I would be back tomorrow, etc. He also gave me a business card for a store he owns (in addition to working at JitB).

When we exchanged monies tonight, there seemed to be a bit more hand contact than usual. The same when he gave me his card.

I am thinking I will go visit his store tomorrow.

Anyway: what do you guys think? Am I reading something in that isn’t there? Or does it sound like he may have some interest in me?

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He “owns a store,” but he’s also a late-night drive-through cashier?

Is this sending up red flags for anyone else?

Not necessarily. He may just be starting out and need the extra cash. It would explain why he always works late at night.

If a guy acted this way with me I would think he was interested in a relationship of some sort, perhaps just friendship. If you’re intersted too go forward.

Yep. Go get 'im.

I have to agree with Evilbeth. I have had to work two jobs in the past. My seconds were usually late night gigs as a fast food cook. Go for it!

Because everyone knows that store ownership = cash cow.

I think he sounds like he’s interested, and if it turns out you misread him, no harm no foul. He’ll take it as a compliment and you can always go to a different Jack in the Box. :slight_smile: