In Which I Miss A Perfect View of the Atlas V Rocket Launch Cuz of a Little Bit of Racism

So I come out of my car in the parking lot of my apartment complex and walk by an Asian lady who is just standing there with her phone out.

I walk by her and she says something, but her accent is so thick I can’t understand it.

I ask her “What?” multiple times, but I just can’t figure it out.

Eventually I feel bad for saying “what” so much that I eventually pull the "laugh and look in the general direction.

As I’m climbing my stairs I keep repeating what she says over and over.

“What did the say?” I keep thinking.

I get to the third floor and decide to go to my patio where I see the telltale signs of a chemtrail.

“Goddammit she was telling me a rocket was launching soon!”

The sky was blue, it was literally across from my patio, and I could have seen it crystal clear…if only I would have kept asking…

So…since I brushed it off because of her accent…am I kind of an asshole?

That’s not being an asshole. You tried to understand several times, but just couldn’t. That’s not being an asshole, and certainly not racism.

Sucks to miss the launch though.

You mean a contrail, not a chemtrail. And what you really meant was an exhaust plume.

No it’s a chem trail cuz the gov’ment reads mah thoughts!

Well, not MY thoughts. I bought Tinfoil!

Tinfoil! The Governments secret enemy!!!

The solid motors on the Atlas V emit aluminum oxide… so perhaps it’s a chemtrail after all. And as a bonus, the aluminum will shield you from those government mind control rays. If you’re close enough, that is.

Alas, it’s a (government) trap. If you’re close enough for the ray-shielding effect, you’re close enough to (A) choke to death on the toxic components of the plume, or (B) burn to death.

But telling people to go to the exhaust plume to avoid mind control is a good way to filter out the discontents who know too much.

Is it racist to think something negative, even if it’s true?

I guess I figure everything is racist nowadays.

But glad to see I’m not an asshole.

Well…in this instance…

I thought you said Saturn V and I got really excited. Must be your silly accent.