In which I throw a tantrum like a little 2-year-old

[tantrum] WAAAAAAAAAAA!!! :mad: I want my boyfriend NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! I don’t WANNA wait 'till Monday! Poop in a bucket!! It’s not fair! kicks the wall OW! [/tantrum]

Thank you for putting up with this post. That will be all.

I know how you feel.

My wife doesn’t get home until next Tuesday. Quityerbitchin!

Time out–in MPSIMS. Then go clean your room.
(Sheesh, this is like being a leader for dysfunctional scout troop.)


Awww, and it was a funny Mod note, too. :frowning:

(even if it did make me go :confused: )

I would be seriously hard-pressed to not laugh my ass off if a 2-year-old used “poop in a bucket” as an expletive.

I can’t help it, I’m already laughing my ass off… :smiley:

Oh, yeah, I totally forgot to add that one to the “List Your Favorite Expletives” post. Let me go correct that . . .

I am currently 800 miles away from my sweetie and can’t wait to get back to Georgia!

I hate being so far away from him even though we talk several times a day it still sucks.

I’m still working on gaining employment where he’s at and moving there with my daughter but it’s taking too damn long and it hurts :(. Enough whining, I just needed to sympathize.

Take care of yourself and keep busy, it makes the time go faster.