In which I'm, like, twelve years old (company names)...

So I get an auto e-mail from Costco. The subject lines mentions savings on a line of portable generators. The company that makes them?

Cummins Onan.

I almost thought it was spam. Then I started giggling internally.

Will I ever grow up?

Everytime I see this in Alliance, Ohio I laugh a little bit.

Kuntzman Trucking.

Funny, this morning I was thinking about this very thing!

This sign is common in restaurant bathrooms around here. A couple of weeks ago I saw one where someone had drawn a giant penis between the hands. I still giggle like a 13-year-old when I think about it.

Same sign, different restaurant: someone cut away parts of the text like so:

[del]Don’t[/del] Spread Disease - Wash your hands [del]after us[/del]in[del]g[/del] the toilet!

Once upon a time I thought I would reach an age where I would, I dunno, mature or something, and not find this kind of thing funny anymore. 40 is closing in, and it hasn’t happened yet…

Erm, I really should have looked more closely at the title of the thread… oops.

I need that sign.

I also got a huge kick of putting the condoms on the medicine display at work that reads “Relief When You Need It”

I’m such a 12 year old.

I went to the international food market the other day and in the Chinese aisle, there was COCK soup. At first I was mildly amused and pointed it out to my (even less mature) friend, thinking it was just chicken soup. Then I realized it was FISH soup and “COCK” was the brand name, which somehow made it more amusing. Then she pointed out the box right next to it- WANG brand soup.

oh, those wacky Chinese.

Recently on failblog…Butt Sweets.

Everyday when I dropped my wife off to work I used to drive past Onan road…made me giggle every time.

Growing up in Dallas we had a Coit Road–always liked that one. And it sure beats Onan Road. :wink:

I still think it’s hilarious that the transcription of Earth in Japanese is ah-su. So we have businesses named ass-top and ass-travel.

There’s a hot dog joint in the Chicago area called “Eat it & Beat it”.


Obligatory Salem, MA link:

Cracks me up every time I even THINK about it.

There was a business in the Pontiac/Waterford area : F & K Trucking
Always cracked me up.

Then there is the motto of Todoroff Brothers Septic Company **" We are #1 in #2." **

H.E. Butt Supermarkets. snerk


What about Mammoth Erection?

In my first job out of college I had to work with a guy named John Dong who worked for Wang Computers. I don’t think that I ever said it without smirking.

Dykes Lumber

I worked for a computer company that specialized in Wang. His name was Peter Wei. Sometimes people would call and laugh so hard that they hung up!

My boss warned me ahead of time and told me to get all of the laughing out of my system before I met him. Luckily I never had to say his full name and company to his face, but I can’t imagine that he didn’t know what everyone was thinking. That must be tough in a sales job.

I see these containers all the time that say “GLASSCOCK” on them in huge letters - I think it’s a hauling company or something. It seems like half the time there’s a truck parked so you can’t see the “GL”, which is even funnier.

And then we pass MannTool all the time, which is evidently the place where real men go to get their specialized tools - I hear they have great wood working tools (snerk - I know, it never stops!) and a lot of expertise, but I’m afraid I’d laugh too much if I went in and asked them.