In which Mr. Skeptic and I try the Atkins diet

Well, I’ve been thinking and talking and thinking more about it, and, after reading the book–and buying a new digital scale and weighing ourselves for the first time in months … :frowning: :eek:)–Mr. Skeptic and I finally decided to try the Atkins diet. That was three days ago.

The first two days I felt kind of blah, not a lot of pow. Today, I feel energized, almost buzzy. I love bread, milk, and a million other forms of carbs, and it was hard to let them go, but I’m telling you, I could get addicted to feeling this good. I actually feel like exercising.

Hopefully, our experience with it will be better than the Athenas. It’s looking good so far.

I’ve been doing the Atkins thing – sort of – since the second week in July. This morning I am down 27 pounds. :slight_smile:

Wow! You have my congratulations and admiration, Johnny L.A.. What do you mean, “sort of”?

BTW, that should have been “:frowning: :eek:” and “Athenas’” in the OP. I swear, you don’t preview one stinkin’ time …

Yay for people losing weight - if you like, pop on over to the Weight Loss Support thread and chime in!

Johnny L.A. congrats on 27 lbs!

I started out avoiding as many grams of carbohydrates as I could. But I did eat more than the recommended amount of salad, for example. (I deleted the croutons and carrots though.) I ate more than the recommended 2 ounces of cheese per day.

Last night I ate lots of carbohydrates. I’m trying to get rid of the food I have on-hand because I don’t want to move it and I don’t want to waste it. So I had 3/4 wheel of Swedish crispbread with peanut butter (all natural, w/o sugar) and jam. I’ve found it difficult to avoid eating rice, but I try to limit my intake. So I’m pretty much following the plan (i.e., being aware of and limiting carbohydrate intake), but I haven’t been especially strict about it. I’d lose more weight if I was strict about it, and if I did any exercise.

BTW: The “Atkins bars” make a good snack, and they only have 2 or 3 grams of net carbohydrates each.

Glad to hear you’re doing better than we did!

I’m doing my own damn diet now. It includes an hour of exercise right away in the morning (either running or weight lifting, depending on the day) and eating smaller portions of what I normally eat. A typical day’s food looks kind of like this: a piece of toast with peanut butter, a tangelo, a Lean Cuisine for lunch, a couple graham crackers as a mid afternoon snack, and a tuna melt made with low fat mayo for dinner.

So far, I like this MUCH better than my dreadful Atkins experience. I still can’t look an egg in the face after that. I plan on being very strict M-F and allowing myself to take it easy on the weekends - no workouts per se (although I might go for a walk or hike) and easing the eating rules a bit.

Also, no alcohol during the week. That’ll cut 5,234,623 calories/week right there on its own.

Athena, that sounds like the Body For Life plan to me. I just got that book and am planning on starting it soon. Good luck!

The exercising first thing before eating or drinking anything is key to the plan IIRC.

I do Atkins and I know what you mean about eggs…[bleh] never liked 'em much to begin with now I hate 'em…I had to do it on and off…I would go on the diet a couple of weeks and then off a week or so but even when I was off I was going mild on the carbs. I did lose 27 lbs. I don’t have any more weight to lose now. I stil exercise and I just want to tone up so whatever works best for you just hang in there and don’t give up.

I started Atkins today. Eggs and cheese for breakfast, turkey and cheese and a salad for lunch. Dinner is coming up, fish and, can you guess?, cheese! and some broccoli. The only (!) problem I have is the difficulty controlling my snacking. And coffee. And candy. As with any diet, the lifestyle change is what’s diffcult. And I already miss bread.

But I really don’t like having gained all this weight. 5’6" and 175-180lbs is just too much. The upside is that I really like bacon and eggs. Everyday for breakfast and maybe for dinner too! Ypiiee!!

Yeah, I guess I’m lucky in that even though I was a carb fiend before, I looove me some eggs and bacon. Mmm, mmm.

I do miss bread, and I have my weakest moments when I’m physically hungry 'cause I just don’t have access to appropriate food (like now), but I am determined. I’ve been fluffy my entire adult life (and quite a bit before that too), and at the age of 32, I’m tired of being mumblety pounds overweight.

That reminds me of a badge a former co-worker had. It was a cartoon of a sheep, looking head-on. “Ewe’s not fat. Ewe’s just fluffy.”

That gave me a smile! My sister had a bumper sticker on her fridge that said the same thing. She’s been gone about 16 years now. Thanks for the memory!

:slight_smile: I heard that from a friend who’s a bit “fluffy” herself. That’s where I got the term.

UPDATE: I know you’re not supposed to weigh yourself every day, but I just did anyway, and: THREE POUNDS!!! Yay!!

I have been doing Atkins since June (lost 42 lbs so far) and I love eating like this, it seems so natural to me. Truthfully, I don’t really care for eggs that much, so I don’t eat 'em often. You can do Atkins without eggs! I have added yogurt instead (I have it for BF instead of eggs) (see here ).

I concentrate on making my main portions vegetables, and add the minimum (4-6 oz) of meat for protein - it doesn’t have to be all meat, cheese and eggs.

I love it, I will never go back to sugar, flour, and junk food.

I have to second everything Boscibo said. I’ve been doing it since about April and have lost almost 50 pounds. My neurologist suggested I try it - he was trying to get me off refined sugar and white flour in an effort to control my migraines and it’s worked, with the added benefit of losing weight. I also feel great. I have tons of energy and never get that mid-afternoon slump anymore. It was hard getting over the carb-and-sugar-cravings at first, but I don’t miss the carbs at all any more. In fact, I don’t even like pasta at all anymore. I made spaghetti last night for my family, and I had a turkey burger (sans bun) and a big serving of steamed broccoli.

I don’t eat yogurt, but I will have to check out that link.
I do eat eggs (love 'em, in fact), but veggies make up most of what I eat. For protein I eat lots of chicken and fish.

When you say “Atkins” people tend to give you funny looks and assume you have six fried eggs and a pound of bacon every day for breakfast, and a huge steak for lunch and dinner. It’s just not like that.

After our weight loss became apparent to my family, my brother started it and lost weight, so my parents did the same. My father needed to lose about 75 lbs. What’s amazed him is how little he eats now, simply because he doesn’t need as much food to feel full. He’s lost 30-something pounds already. My total loss is about 38 so far (I’ve stalled for the last two months and have been bouncing between 36 and 38 lbs) with another 16 to go.

I’ve neither desired nor eaten rice, pasta or potatoes in the last 10 months. I do eat low carb bread (store bought and homemade), but I try to moderate my portions (no more than 2 slices a day). I have a huge bag of good-stuff (Twix, Snickers, etc) Halloween candy in our “junk food box”, and other than the occasional look of longing, I don’t even desire it. Tomorrow, being Halloween, I plan to eat a single piece of candy. Then I can remind myself that it really doesn’t taste as good as my mind makes it think it’ll taste (not that it won’t be good, but it just won’t be unnaturally good).

DeadlyAccurate, I have tried one particular brand of very-low-carb candy that was super-yummy. (And I generally HATE “nutrition bars” of any kind.) Of course I don’t have the brand right now, but I’ll try to remember it. Russell Stover has carb-free (or low-low-carb, not sure which) candy too. A coworker of mine doing Atkins said that it’s really yummy as well.

Of course, you don’t want to gorge yourself on the stuff or have it every day, as there’s not a lot of nutritional value to it, but at least now I know that if I have to have a candy bar, there’s something that will satisfy me.

Russell Stover’s brand of low carb candy is the same as their sugar-free candy, but with different labels and higher prices. I’ve tried almost every flavor of RS’s SF candy line, Hershey’s line, and GoLightly’s taffies and hard candies.

Hmm … interesting. I didn’t know that. Does it contain Splenda? (Per the book, I’m trying to avoid aspartame.)

I don’t usually hang out in MSPIMS but I’m a sucker for Atkins talk :slight_smile:

I’ve been on it since Feb of this year. As of today I’ve lost 75 lbs!! That’s exactly half way - 75 more to go :slight_smile:

For the first 6 months I worked out 3-5 days a week. Weight lifting and swimming. Then I’ve been sick with 3 different things for the last 2 months :frowning: But I’ve still been able to lose.

I dont’ eat eggs for breakfast, either. I really like eggs, tho. Just too lazy to cook them. I have them for lunch alot.

Today I had full-fat plain yogurt, 4 tbs flax meal, 1 tbs KETP jelly and 2 pkts splenda. yum! Other days I have 4tbs flax meal, 2 tbs protein powder, 2 tbs of heavy cream, 2 tbs SF syrup and 2 tbs water. Like oatmeal!

I’m quite the connissieur of LC products :slight_smile: I would say the best is Pure DeLite because of taste and price. Apparently the new ZCarb bars from SoBe are the absolute best tasting and have zero tummy affect. I haven’t gotten to try those yet!

Those of you in NY and new england, keep an eye out for the new Carb Counter menu at Blimpie!

Ok anyway that’s all I have to say. Atkins is cool and YES you can do it!

Oh, FTR I’m 24 yo female, 5’8"