In which SkyBum has a question

I’ve seen a lot of posts on the board with a title like this:

In which (insert descriptive text here).

What is the origin of this type of subject line? I’ve never encountered it anywhere besides this board.

I think it’s from the Winnie the Pooh stories:

In which Piglet gets wood.

In which Pooh Bear gets funky.

In which Eeyore gets faced.

And so on.

In which Amberlei believes ShibbOLeth hit the nail on the head.

In which Wearia believes that this may be the wrong forum.

I think it also comes from the chapter titles of some older books, like Don Quixote. The titles are brief descriptions of what is told in the chapter. The translation I have of this book has chapters with titles like, “In which a further account is given of the coutnless hardships that the brave Don Quixote and his good squire Sancho Panza underwent at the inn that, unfortunately for him, he mistook for a castle.”

In which misstee wonders if SkyBum had his question answered.

In which zepherine agrees with libtagna and would cite various other titles definitely studied as part of an Eng. Lit degree if she could just remember their names.