This is the title of this thread which perhaps is found in the thread itself

I’m sure that many of you have already read A Self-Referential Story, but I’m also sure that many of you have not. It starts like this:

This is the last sentence of this post.

This is the first sentence in the first reply to the O.P. This sentence points out that the O.P. certainly is Mundane and Pointless, hence it is placed in the proper forum. This sentence is merely filler since I can’t think of anything else to comment on regarding the O.P, or indeed regarding the previous two sentences. This is the final sentence to the first reply to the O.P. It could also serve as the final sentence of the paragraph, of which there is only one. However, the sentence which is two sentences previous to this one, can no longer be the final sentence to anything, since I have written more sentences after it. This is the final sentence of both the only paragraph in my reply and of the first reply to the O.P., thereby serving a dual purpose.

:slight_smile: This is a smiley stuck in for no other good reason, except to piss off people who dislike smilies.

My curt reply.

This is not a reply.

Sexual inyourendo.

:: description of poster’s reaction ::

Puzzled expression.

Ilidiro en nebonkonata lingvo.
Sig in obscure language.

  • backing slowly out of the thread *

This first sentence is the first of a number of sentences. This is the second sentence which is one after the first. This is the fourth sentence, no sorry wait it’s actually the third. Fyord.

::spray’s various juices all over the thread::

This is not a pipe.

Is this a question.
This is an answer?

Admission that poster has no idea what the thread is about but feels compelled by irrational need for others’ approval to participate anyway.

Includes sig line, hoping to appear erudite or witty or somehow culturally aware.