The Worst Thread Ever.

I am going to attempt to create The Worst Thread Ever.
I think if there is not one single additional post, I will have succeeded. A post so bad that no one would respond to would be mighty bad.
Please, do not respond.

I will give a dollar to the first 50 people who do not respond. That’s how bad I want this thread to succeed.



Sorry, I’ve done worse.

If the OP doesn’t deliver, does that make it better or worse?

Looks like I missed out on the dollar.

I’m in it now. That should stink up the thread a little.

Well, it cost me a buck, but you didn’t succeed.

No! No, no, no no, no!!!
The fact that you’ve responded makes this thread somewhat successful.
The thread has failed. It is not the worst thread ever.
And, let me say that I deeply resent Douglas Hofstadter. His ideas concerning the ‘self-referential’ don’t work. I tried "The Best Thread Ever’, and now I’ve tried ‘The Worst Thread Ever’. Each failed.

This thread may be the Biggest Failure Ever.


Let’s see, what can I do that really annoys people on the SDMB, to make this thread worse?

I know: how about a non-sequitur response?

My cat’s breath smells like cat food.

Or how about a question that’s gonna go on for 4 pages?

Why is it that girls always say they want a nice, sensitive, caring man, but then they always fall for the sexy bad boys?

No. No. I’ve got it. I’ll trash President Bush.

Stupid chimp who has big ears. He looks like a monkey.

This might be a bad time to ask for pickles.

  1. Figure who gets the joke.
  2. Hire them.


Better be in L.A., though.

Well, I am a mega attention whore, so I can completely hijack this thread and make it worse.

Who thinks I am an alcoholic? See, now the thread really sucks already.

Bush’s policies are idiotic. Liberal sometimes creates problems. There is no Cecil.

Wow, this thread is fun >_>

It’s not amusing anymore. Seriously.

You must be a Los Angeles resident.
You are not going to be flown in. So Sorry.

I still want pickles.
(It was the only way to keep my brothers away from me whilst I was a youngun.)
I’ll be an L.A. resident only they accept me.

The worst thread ever?

Run away!

You just made me soil my armour!

Unfortunately, too mundane and too pointless; it’s more of a post-padding thread than anything else.