In which you list 5 things that other Dopers have probably guessed about you by now.

Inspired by **Elendil’s Heir’s ** thread, list five things about yourself that you have’nt discussed on the boards, but assume people know at this stage.

  1. My homepage that opens when I start internet explorer is my Straight Dope profile page, so I can check threads I’m involved in.

  2. I’m a two-finger typer, but Fasssstttttt.

  3. I hate to be corrected.

  4. I’m, shall we say, not well travelled.

  5. If I was banned from this board I would be fucking gutted. Not literally, of course.

  1. I was not exactly popular in school.

  2. I’m picky about words being misused.

  3. I think complaining has comedic value, if done without whining.

  4. I hate to be wrong.

  5. I care too much about looks.

Solidarity! I had no idea there were other two-fingerers who can type like a motherfuck.