In your eyes, what kind of stuff is pretentious?

Pretty basic question. I’m not looking for anything very specific. Just things that might make you cock an eyebrow when talking to someone.

  1. When someone dismisses something solely because it’s mainstream or popular.

  2. When someone enjoys something esoteric, and looks down upon those who don’t have the same appreciation or understanding it. The stereotypical example here is the snobby wine-lover.

  3. Unnecessary use of foreign phrases and pronounciations when ordinary ones exist in English. An example would be the person who insists on ordering pastas with the full Italian accent.

Your turn!

Saying “dogone it” and “you betcha” in a formal debate on a nationally televised broadcast is pretty pretentious, if you ask me, in as much as it’s an obvious affectation. Fake, fake, fake.

Financial irresponsibility. Its not only pretentious, its stupid.

A lot of the promoters of the green movement seem pretentious, especially those who look down their nose at people for their choices yet lack the ability to see that their behemoth SUV adorned with save the earth bumper stickers is the picture of irony and hypocrisy.

Oh, and self-labeled Foodies who try to inflate themselves by declaring others declasse for prefering different things than they do. You know the sort, they feign horror at ketchup on hotdogs, and can’t bear the thought of a steak done in anything but rare.

Agree about the foreign word usage; slapping French words/phrases in an English sentence for no particular reason. Hey, I speak German and don’t annoy you with Auslaendische Worte and I don’t give a fuck about what supposedly Jenny say (to) Pa.

People who constantly use “of course” as they pontificate; “Nobody, of course, eats red meat these days but, of course, everybody eats high fiber…”

[Fill in blank] is the “new black” this season.

Also agree that I don’t give a damn what the hell you do in Alaska.

I say this as an atheist and a liberal, but I hate those Darwin fish decals on cars. Not only do I find them pretentious, but also offensive. The Christian fish is a religious symbol. Somehow I doubt that the type of person who would put a Darwin fish on his car would mock a Hindu, Muslim, or Buddhist religious symbol, but somehow mocking a Christian symbol is ok. I don’t have to agree with a religion to respect the importance of its symbolism to believers.

I also find the support our troops/yellow ribbon magnets to be pretentious.

Does NH still have the Moose plates for contributing to whatever green charity the money went to? I mean, money was money to the org, but it was always hilarious to see those plates on the SUVs.

People who buy overpriced coffee from Starbucks?

You might wanna know who you’re lumping into that category before you go any further! :smiley:

Purposefully mangled spellings of perfectly normal words, including names. You’re not doing your kid any favor by spelling Karlos, Letizia or Jaeniffere. Now, if it happens to be the spelling in whichever part of the world your ancestors are from, OK, that’s fine. But seriously, “Jaeniffere”?

Generally, building a pedestal in some obscure niche for oneself from which to look down onto the unwashed masses peeves me to no end. Yes, everybody does it, I’m no exception, but c’mon, some people seem to never even have entertained the notion that nobody really cares that they can place a wine on the right hill in France just by sniffing it, know more obscure bands than all the other hipsters, quote foreign art house movies verbatim or know the baseball stats of the last thirty years by heart.

Of course, people who smugly point those things out are possibly even worse, and I suspect they only do it because of the feeling of superiority they get from not having to resort to such pitiful measures to ascertain their self-worth. :smiley:

BBC newscasters have a horrible habit of dropping the final “t” sound in “restaurant”. It’s an English word now, subject to English pronunciation rules. You aren’t speaking French, so stop making yourself look like an ass for Christ’s sake!

There’s also the jarring habit of adopting the world’s thickest Italian accent when pronouncing an Italian word. Only a few languages seem to be subject to this, though.

Art snobs. I used to live near a small art gallery, and every six weeks or so they’d open a new showing, most of which were completely not to my taste (one of them just had red painted shop mannequins stuck to the wall like they were emerging out of it - ho hum).

But what bothered me the most, watching as I passed by, was how they’d all hobnob with each other, dressed in deliberately chic clothing, white wine in hand in their smarmy pretentious clique way, just acting like complete nobheads.
I also don’t like the car- or football-obsessed people who dismiss geeks as weirdos. Hypocritical pretentiousness, say I.

Those people (usually “celebrities”) who insist on wearing sunglasses indoors, and men who have three-days of stubble on their chin and think it’s attractive.

Man, do I feel you here. People want me to appreciate the “art” of a bumper grill soldered to a mailbox. Please.

I like Monet’s Water Lillies because they’re pretty and I know what they are. That’s art for me.

I thought of another one: when people say they are from a city, when actually they are from a suburb which is on the outskirts of the city, it just screams poser.

When people go to such great lengths to describe how much they hate sports, even to the point of jumping into sports-related threads just to post about how little interest they have in the topic, I can practically smell the Dorito funk through my monitor. On the Internet it seems to be a popular bragging point, but for some reason I never encounter any of these people in real life.

I think it depends on who they’re talking to. If they’re talking to someone who would know where the surburb is, then yes it might be pretentious. If they’re talking to someone who would only recognise the city, then probably not.

IOW: if I tell you I’m from Pinelands, it probably tells you nothing. If I tell you I’m from Cape Town, it probably does give you an idea of where I’m from. On the other hand, if I’m speaking to another Capetonian, then just saying “I’m from Cape Town” would be stupid.

People who pay above cost price for ANYTHING.

Firstly i find people that make a huge deal about their coffee to be pretentious, but i also find the people who complain about Starbucks drinks to be wankers in general, especially when offered up in the way you do. Starbucks = Overpriced = Pretentious.

I myself do not drink coffee.

Most of those men (and I speak from experience here) are just lazy and don’t want to shave as often as they should.