Inachu Takkyu-bu and Furuya Minoru

I don’t have very high hopes for this thread, but I thought I would see if there were any other Furuya Minoru fans on this board.

Furuya Minoru is simply the BEST manga artist out there. No one comes close. His series include:

Inachu Takkyu-bu (Inaho Junior High Ping-Pong Club)
Boku to Issho (Just Like Me)
Green Hill

Funny, deep, dark, great pictures, amazing timing, the one person I would like to meet most in the world.

Is anyone else here a fan?

Do you have a link? i may have seen some of his stuff and not realized it.

Well, I haven’t been to Japan in a while…I’m half Japansese so I used to read comics all the time…so I just wanna ask you quickly…what ever happened to uh…I think this is his name… Akira Toriyama…that dude that artist responsible for one of my favorite manga, Dragonball…is he still drawing? Also, is that manga “Kochikame”…you know that cop manga…is that still going on?..I’ve lost touch of all that’s Japan since I came to Hawai’i…thanx


And no, I dunno who you’re talking about…so sorry…yea, maybe if you gave me a link, I’ll be able to take a look at it…thanx :slight_smile:

Ditto on the link. I’m always interested in new manga artists.

For manga art, my current favourite is CLAMP – parts of the X manga are incredible to look at, especially some of the full-page images.

I see your location is Japan – you must have access to a lot of manga that will never make it into print in any other languages. My Japanese isn’t good enough yet to be able to read things in the original. Are any of the titles listed available in English or French?

Been trying to find a decent link, but none of his art work or page shots seem to be up anywhere…all just cover shots and story summaries.

I did find an English version of the anime that they made out of it 7 years ago, but it sucked and didn’t last long. He writes gag manga and drama manga, and it doesn’t translate to video as well as sci-fi manga might. I also have my doubts as to how well his work could be translated into English…too many puns and obscure cultural references.

I’m not a very big manga fan…I don’t really get a lot of it. But I love this guy. I’ll keep looking for a link.

Here is a pretty good Furuya Minoru story from Ike! Inachu Takkyubu


The front page is in Japanese, but if you click the button on the upper right hand side under the scroll-down box, it will take you to the comic. The comic is also in Japanese, but I believe it’s scanned, so the font shouldn’t be a problem. It’s all set up rather well, actually.

This is by no means his best work. It’s a pretty funny one, though.