Inactive moderators and administrators

I noticed that one SDMB administrator, Gaudere, hasn’t logged onto the board since last December. Looking at her posting history, she only made three posts in 2011 and nine in 2010; hardly an active member, let along an administrator.

How long must a SDMB administrator or moderator be inactive before they’re removed from the staff rolls?

There are a lot of responsibilities that don’t involve posting on the message board, I would guess.

Nor logging in?

Just a guess on my part. I’ve never administratored a board.

She might be logging in under “invisible mode”.

We don’t have specific rules about that. Gaudere hasn’t logged in lately but she does read the board when she’s available. xash has also not had a lot of time for the board lately. Some mods and admins are very active here and others aren’t. We don’t drop people from the staff automatically- it’s not like we’re losing money by having “extra” people on the staff.

The time would still show up under “Last Activity”, even though the dot by their posts might not be green when they’re online.

It’s really impossible to do any kind of message board administration work without logging in.

Do you have a law named after you? No? Then cut her some slack.

Dopers can sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough moderators and administrators stand ready to do violence on their behalf.


I tried to sponsor one, but it went nowhere thanks to overwhelming and unprecedented bipartisan opposition.

That law was around way before Gaudere.

Interestingly, some of the cites are not that much older that the SDMB coinage. Of course the concept itself is much older than that.

There seems to have been a big spate of “new” discoveries of this law in the nineties, coinciding with the rise of internet posting: Gaudere’s Law, Hartman’s Law, McKean’s Law, Muphrey’s Law, Skitt’s Law, Wilton’s Law, etc

I say we give primary credit to Ambrose Bierce, who identified it back in the days of print.

It is still possible to read the board without being logged in, which I have on good authority is what’s happening with Gaudere. If she saw something that needed attention she would log in but mostly it’s covered by the time she sees it, our other mods are quite zealous. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that staffers are volunteers and people give of themselves and their time and energy as they can and as they find appropriate to what else is going on in their lives. Sometimes that amount of participation can vary depending on real-life situations and people are around more when they can do it and less when they have other obligations.

We appreciate all contributions made by our staffers.

Thank you. Although I was going by the one dated 1992. Well before this board. :slight_smile:

Tht’s Muphry’s Law, not Muphrey’s.


Yeah-I almost took the bait, too. :smiley:

I’ve noticed Gary Wombat hasn’t been around lately, either.

Yes, but it changes the “tone” of the board in some undefinable way.