Inauguration Day as Seen From Above

Satellite view of Inauguration Day. Crowds look massive. Interestingly enough, the shots of the Capital building show the roof it all its green glory, last I heard, that was fuzzed out on Google Earth for “security reasons.” Note that the particular bird supplying the images is one that Google gets their Google Earth images from.


Cool. Thanks for the link.

They really look like ants!

Those are ants. Such is the precision of today’s technology!

I wonder what the attendance was. One, two, three, four,… wait, did I already count that guy?

Way down at the bottom left, I thought the picture had captured another satellite in a lower orbit. Nope, it’s some sort of structure on the tidal basin.

Oh, it really was a satellite? Hmm. Weird.

Hey… hey… wait a minute, I think I found Wally!

Anyone know what time this was taken? Because it looks like the area for ticketed attendees isn’t even close to full, and that third area of the Mall (from the right, in front of the west section of the Air and Space Museum) looks extremely sparse.

Sure wish there was a high noon picture out there.

Edit: 11:19am.

Nice, but you were supposed to find Waldo. :smiley:

Says right on the page, “11:19 AM EST”. I’m not sure why that area is not as full as the others. Maybe the security checkpoint for that section was down a street that didn’t get as much foot traffic as the others.

It’s not a satellite, it just really looks like one. I went to the regular Google maps page and what I thought were the solar panels are just long docks or something on the water. The odds of one satellite accidentally photographing another have got to be absurdly high.

Yes, I did the exact same thing. I think those must be paddle boats for rent as they all look identical.

Cool pics, Tuckerfan.

Cool. They patched up the Washington Monument and filled in all the supermutant bunkers for the inauguration. Last time I saw it the mall was looking a little worse for the wear.

Did you all see the Photosynth composite photos on CNN? It’s under Politics and “The Moment.”

You have to download software, but it’s really interesting, zoomable, manipulatable images of the inauguration and the crowd.

Both the aerial photos and the CNN moment photos are very cool. Thanks for sharing!

Which one is the Museum of Technology? I think there’s a bobblehead I forgot to pick up in there.