Incest, pedophillia, homosexuality, and fantasies

I found the “homosexuality, incest, …” topic with interest and would like to offer this:

No matter what your sexual orientation, what you fantasize about is entirely your business. It is neither right nor wrong.
(here comes the “however” part) HOWEVER, when you cross the line between fantasy and reality (and, in some cases, it’s a big fat line) you run the risk of, not only breaking the law, but risking your mental health.

I’ve heard on various talk radio shows, read in various studies about people who have a fantasy (sexual or otherwise) and attempt to live them out usually end up being greatly disappointed in the results. The imagination is a wonderful thing (except when it creates stuff like Teletubbies and Bryan Adams songs :)), but we have a tendendancy to ignore the reprecussions of our fantasies. Well, duh, if we thought the fantasy out completely, it wouldn’t be a fantasy then now, would it?
If you find yourself lusting after people (or things, I suppose) that aren’t morally, socially, or religiously correct, don’t punish yourself, but don’t try to turn those thoughts into actions. If you feel yourself starting to slip, GET HELP!!

Well, that’s my 3-cents worth (hey, inflation).

Thank you for reading (and agreeing with me, or possibly ripping me to shreds. Hey, I can take it)

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, so please don’t throw sticks and stones.”

‘If you find yourself lusting after people (or things, I suppose) that
aren’t morally, socially, or religiously correct, don’t punish yourself,
but don’t try to turn those thoughts into actions. If you feel yourself
starting to slip, GET HELP!!’

And who is to determine just what is acceptable sexual behavior?

As to who determines what is and is not “acceptable”, I don’t know. As for the legal aspects, local laws would determine that. Religiously, check with your religion. What I may deem acceptable may get me arrested!
As I posted elsewhere, YOU have to determine whether or not you want to accept the risks (legal, religious, and, in some cases, medical) of your actions. Unfortunately for the legal end, the majority (moral or otherwise) decides. Example: I think prostitution should be legalized. Why? A person should be allowed to do anything with his/her body. I’m sure if the govt could figure out a way to tax it, it would legal in a snap. Other countries do it (not many, but some). If there are religious ramifications, then I think that should be between the persons involved and whatever god they worship, if any. But, that’s just me.

“And who is to determine just what is acceptable sexual behavior?”

I would tend to imagine that, regarding the actual fulfillment of sexual fantasies involving sex with a minor, incest, rape, torture, or murder, the “who” would be the assemblies and governors of the several states, the various police agencies, and the criminal courts.

Just to go out on a limb that not ALL behavior that makes someone happy is thereby acceptable.

“I’m sure if the gov’t could figure out a way to tax [prostitution], it would [be] legal in a snap.”

I really don’t think that’s true. Several nations, and at least one US state, have legalized prostitution under a licensing scheme. During the World Wars, every nation’s military (but not the US, IIRC) had official brothels licensed by the military authorities with a medical officer on the premises to inspect both employees and customers.

If prostitutes have to have a valid license, they can be subject to periodic medical exams to avoid the spread of STDs, and underage prostitution can be more easily suppressed. The government can also charge a reasonable license fee, of course. I would tend to think that prostitutes would gladly pay the license fee if it freed them from the need for pimps.

Nevertheless, with this model before them, allowing the states to raise revenue AND protect public health at the same time, very few states have legalized prostitution. So, a lack of a way to tax prostitution doesn’t seem to me to be the reason for the persistence of anti-prostitution laws.

‘As to who determines what is and is not “acceptable”, I don’t know.
As for the legal aspects, local laws would determine that.’

That’s right. What would be considered having ‘sex with children’ in California, would not be in other states. Some states have a very low consent age. Lowest I saw was 12 & I forgot what state that was but its older now.

There may be activity within the law but local community standards may prevent such activities…ack.

Trumpy: good advice in my opinion.
I agree that any thought should be forgivable (how many times have we wished someone dead?) but that there are many actions that are not. Any behavior between consenting adults is OK…except maybe incest that results in children. On the subject of fantasy vs. reality, my experience is that the reality does not live up to the fantasy in cases of unusual scenarios. Nothing terrible here, just kinky.
Honestly, I felt kinda silly. Not erotic, but comic.

I’d like to hear more about Byzantine’s sexual anomalies (pun intended). Still bizzy, Byz?

Well, sugar YOU are rapidly becoming a fantasy of mine! As for other interesting things I’ve done in my life I suggest we keep it private; all I need is a bunch of horny teenagers after me!

As for the nature of this thread: Whatever two consenting adults choose to do in the privacy of their own home is their business. If they want to tie each other up and beat the hell out of each other and they both agree, fine. I’m not into anything like that but if other people want to I don’t really care.

However, ANYTHING involving children or animals is not okay IMHO because they cannot make a decision.

So, TennHippie, do you think you could live up to my fantasy of you? For that matter, could I live up to yours? That’s assuming you are having them…

The moon looks on many flowers, the flowers on but one moon.

Yeah, as long as the fantasies don’t involve children, animals, or vicious beatings.

Now, the bondage might be interesting as long as nobody gets hurt…

…I better go private with this one… :wink:

OK, let me get this straight. My recurring fantasy of Daisy Fuentes, a bathtub of lime Jello, and a snorkel is * not * a good thing?

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

 Warren Zevon

It’s a very good thing. Can I use Peach Jello or is that just way out of line?

Children? In my state, California, anyone under 18 is considered a child. Legally, anyone under 21 is a minor [I know some people think under 18 is a minor, but the lawyer says under 21].

Also, sex, per legal definition, does not mean penetration.

You’ve probably seen on the news lately a couple women [teachers] in California having sex with teenage boys, age about14,[My, I wish my teachers were like that!] Those women are in jail. tsk

Thus, does it not also figure that those of you having sex with people under 18 [17,16,15] were not also having sex with children? tsk.

Most statutory rape laws take into account the ages of both parties. Thus, it may be OK for a 16-year-old to screw a 14-
year-old, but not OK for a 30-year-old to screw a 16-year-old. This is as it should be.

A female teacher who abuses her authority by having sex with a 14-year-old boy jolly well deserves to go to jail. Her behavior is just as predatory and exploitative as it would be if a male teacher did the same thing to a girl – maybe more so, since boys at that age tend to be less mature and less capable of saying no.

Unfortunately, I speak from experience here; my first boyfriend had sex with two women who were in loco parentis when he was a teenager. The experience pretty much screwed him up for life; he went on to sexually exploit at least two other women, including myself, just as these two child abusers took advantage of him. I’m not saying that his past excuses him, but it was definitely a factor. I’d give a lot to see these two women in jail, but as they had wealth and privilege on their side, it will never happen.

I was cured of ever having fanasies about incest when I was a child. I guess having a pistol in your mouth takes all the fun out of it.


PEACH Jello??? What are you, some kind of pervert??

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

 Warren Zevon

Daisy Fuentes?


The reason gentlemen prefer blondes is that there are not enough redheads to go around.

Re statutory rape, I think the laws in most states simply set an age of consent for females (often 16, 17, 18). In theory at least, a male of any age who has sex with a female under the age of consent can be charged with statutory rape. In practice, such charges are seldom brought unless the male is a legal adult.

Hazel, yes that is right. Laws about this in our country, USA, are not the same state to state. Some states set an age for the girl, some for the boy, some both, some how close their ages are.

As liberal as California is, it’s hard to believe that they set the age of consent to 18.