Inconsiderate bastards

OK. I work on a night shift in an office. We run a skeleton crew. There are 10 of us here.
It is summer, so during the day it can easily be 25-35 degrees celcius (77-95 F).

At night however it is much cooler. More like 10C (50F).

During the day there are around 100 people here.

All we ask is that they turn off the air conditioning when they leave at 7pm. It takes (for some reason) about 5 hours for it to shut off properly.

Do they? Could they?
Apparently, flicking a switch is just too fucking difficult for them.
We sit here, very very cold, bundled up in blankets trying to stay warm.
How hard could it possibly be to turn a switch?
The thermometer says 8 degrees C in here right now.
Fucking cold!!!
It is warmer outside. We remind them every single day, but could they ever remember. Seems not.
Bastards, bastards, bastards, bastards, bastards.

maybe just forget to turn it on in the morning a few times, and they’ll start remembering?

Tried that. It starts instantly…the turn off time is the killer. We are considering breaking into the air-con room and turning it down below zero celcius at the moment (if possible)…gah…its 3:30 in the morning, what the hell am I doing

Got any work-safety laws you could brandish? 10C sounds a little chilly, even for some of the arctic-tundra places I’ve had to work.

It’s the damned considerate bastards you gotta keep an eye on. They’re quite wiley.

Try to make it become the personal responsibility of someone on the day shift to turn off the AC. Use employee discomfort/labor laws and the money savings (this could be a big seller) as the incentive. Once it becomes the responsibility of ONE PERSON, it will actually get done. Either that, or he/she can be mercilessly chewed out for failing to do their job and costing the company money.

Thanks neuroman. Will do…finally a little warmer in here - 6:30 am and the air-con has been off for an hour.

Anybody else who works/has worked nights…ever notice how sunrises lose appeal after a while?

Hah! Sunrises meant bedtime. (Actually, I worked in a windowless room, but I’d be going home during sunrise at certain times of the year - bedtime!)

Actually, an air conditioner works better if you turn it DOWN, not off at night. Otherwise, it has to work harder to cool things down in the morning.

I’m so sorry. I know how it is to work in an office too hot/cold. I’ve been there, and spent WAY too many days working in offices where I’ve had to either bring in a sweater or undress.

That said.

After weeks of -0F/-17C temperatures it just warmed up to 16F/-9C. Please pardon me for having a hard time dredging up sympathy. :smiley:

We too have airconditioning that is too damn chilly, but not quite to the extent that you speak of UnwrittenNocturne.

However, there is a woman who I work with who happens to run a bit warm at times. She is peri-menopausal, and obviously suffering from hot-flushes, runs around and turns on all the fans in the office as well. Now, while I sympathise and all (hey, my own menopausal years are rapidly approaching) it seems a tad unfair that the rest of us suffer from a wind-chill hypothermia just so she can have some respite from the fires within. Having to cope with chattering teeth and rampant goose-bumps when it’s 40c outside is not much fun…it ends up being a relief to bask in the blazing sun for a few minutes during smoko!!